Works In Progress

This was inspired by another blogger long ago; I had it on the old blog and decided to bring it back for the new one (yeah, I just decided to do it anyway).

Without giving too much away, here are various ideas I’ve been working on throughout the years. Nothing is truly complete yet – stories are never over….


Partially Friends
~ Also known as the Melanie story. Always been this story. It’s gone through many formats since its initial idea-hatching. I posted a short story that has something to do with this story as a whole, a short story called “Melanie the mouse.”

Chalk Letters
~ About 52,000 words written, and Winner of NaNoWriMo 2008. I was tempted to disown it, but it got a second wind a couple years ago (in the form of a dream). So I guess it’s worth working on after all. It’s just got a loooong way to go yet.

Cherchez La Femme
~ Okay, this one’s a long story.  The initial idea for this was hatched way back in 2003.  Went through several variations between then and early 2009, when I first wrote something serious for it in the form of a short story with the same title for a creative writing class. And has since blossomed from there. For NaNoWriMo 2013, I got about 25,000 words written. Was again my NaNo project for 2014, and I got more than 25,000 words. Finally won NaNo 2016 with it – well over 215,000 words.  And still counting.  Because I am still working on it; to quote Edna Mode, “This project has completely confiscated my life, darling!”  If I can get it where I want it, and get it polished up good, it could be my first official novel.  A rather extensive sneak peek can be found here.

Canto Laudate
~ This one’s kind of ambitious, at least for me, as it promises to stray well outside my comfort zone. Tried it for NaNoWriMo 2010, ended up with less than 2,500 words….but worth working on. It’ll get there. (In case you were wondering, “Canto Laudate” is a musical composition written by Elliot Del Borgo. Played it for band in high school one year. Still love it after all these years. Go find it somewhere and listen to it – it’s phenomenal.)

Untitled fiction project #1
~ About 83,000 words written, and Winner of NaNoWriMo 2012. Again, worth working on, but again, it’s got a loooong way to go.

~ This one is definitely ambitious. And a little crazy. The idea being it’d be a story with little to no dialogue. It can be done! (Hopefully.) The original short story can be found here, but I think there could be more to the story than just that….

A story about three cousins, tentatively titled “Somewhere in the Middle”
~ This is still just an idea, but one I’d really like to work on in the future.

Untitled ‘writing contest’ story
~ Again, just an idea, one I’d like to work on. Might take this one on next – it’s been simmering long enough.

An untitled story about Someone Very Real
~ Yes, that is the girl’s full name. And she has a best friend named Heather, who is a boy. Very weird, but maybe someday.

Untitled story about Marcella and the music man
~ This one is also just an idea yet, not sure where it’ll go, but it’s still very interesting to me….

Any short story
~ Always got ideas. I’ve posted several of my short stories here on my blog: “Too Much”, “Roza,” “Melanie the mouse,” “Austin in the Alley,” and “The Window.”

Any poem
~ Always got ideas. I’ve posted several poems here on my blog. If you use the search term ‘poem,’ you’ll find them.

Personal journals
~ For about ten to eleven years, I kept an almost daily journal. I am in the process of putting those journals onto computer, which has been really fun to do.

Creative writing contests
~ None of the creative writing contests panned out. So I’m done with that for the time being. It was a good experience, though.

A creative writing degree?
~ At the moment, that is not feasible. Ever since I was young and found out that one could actually get a degree in creative writing, I’ve dreamed of doing so. Depending on the school, I would either major in creative writing or else major in English/literature and minor in creative writing. In fact, I don’t live far from the University of Iowa, which is home to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, a world-renowned writing program. Maybe something to think on in the future. But bad experiences have put me off returning to school. Perhaps someday I will return. I’d like to, oh, I’d like to.

~ I have put together a Book of my writings, just not for professional publication, even though everyone has been telling me I should really try to get my writing published. But like I said, getting professionally published isn’t the ultimate goal. It’s more a sense of accomplishment, in that I did something I wanted to do. So. There it is. This project is complete as of May 2015. If a copy of this would interest any of you, my blog followers and/or readers, please go to my ‘About Mouse’ page and drop me an e-mail.



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