Cast of Characters



~ Mom
~ Dad or MoZo/DJ MoZo
~ Older Sister
~ Younger Brother
~ Youngest Brother


~ Nuala = my cat (pronounced ‘noo-la’)
~ Mr. Bojangles a/k/a Bo = our orange tabby cat
~ Finnegan a/k/a Finn = our black cat
~ Camille = Older Sister’s cat
~ Teag = Older Sister’s cat (pronounced like ‘league’ but with a ‘t’)
~ Jasper = Older Sister’s dog, a coonhound/beagle mix


~ Nana = maternal grandmother
~ Pop = maternal grandfather
~ Grandma = paternal grandmother
~ Grandpa = paternal grandfather
~ Aunts = Julie, Ellen, Laurie, Dawn, Mary, Tracie, Anne, Chris, Earla, Rose, great-aunt Pat
~ Uncles = Mark, Michael, Thomas, Steven, Bill, John, David, Paul, Steve, Larry, great-uncle Paul
~ Cousins = Brian, Gina, Erin, Ben, Audrey, Austin, Rachel, Sarah, Sam, Rachael, Elissa, Kathlyn, Kenna, Keegan, Jack, Millie
~ Second cousins = Jamie, Carrie, and Melissa in NY; Lisa in MI; Robin in OR; Kathie in AZ; among others
~ Others = Jonathan, Gina’s husband; Mitchell, Rachael’s husband; among others


~ Johnny
~ Rita
~ Bridget
~ Carrie-A
~ Melissa a/k/a “Moe”
~ Serena
~ Cora
~ Megan
~ Virginia


~ Angie (guitar instructor)
~ Cindy (voice instructor)
~ Doctor (the psychiatrist)
~ Dr. A. (the family physician)
~ Dr. S Version 2.0 (the psychologist)

MED NICKNAMES (as I do take them):
the wellness
the calm
the salt


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