It’s that time again….

“Happy Age Advancement Day,” as Younger Brother told me over the phone this morning. (I actually had to have him repeat that, because I wasn’t fully awake.)

Yeah, ’tis my birthday today. Again.

I actually took the day off from work. No, not because it was my birthday; I usually never take my birthday off from work because my birthday, after all, is just another day. It was because I had an oddly timed dentist appointment, and I’d have to catch the bus to and from it, and the timing would not have been conducive to my going into work at all today.

So, ta da! I’m off!

I have a tradition going here on the blog, wherein I post the Binky birthday song.

So here it is again:

Makes me laugh every frickin’ time I hear it!

And, another tradition, for ready reference, here is the full cartoon in which it appeared. It’s called “Peace and Quiet.”


Happy birthday to me!

I’ll try to do better next post.



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