Friday Not Fun


Sure, Christmas is coming up on Monday.  That means a three-day weekend for me from work.

But in order to get there….

You remember my saying that last week Saturday, my aunt Rose passed away from stage 4 lung cancer.  And I felt so bad, because of my uncle Paul.  Rose was his rock.  He’s devastated.  I wish there was some way we could make it out to Utah, just to be there for him.

But we can’t.

Rather than have a funeral or a memorial service for Rose, Paul is going to organize a celebration of life, which will happen mid-January.  My dad will be going to it, and will take with him all of our love and best wishes to give to Paul.

I hate to say I hope that’s enough, because we probably could have done more.  But Dad said Paul completely understood that we couldn’t make it.  So maybe our love and best wishes will be enough.

All I know is, the next time I have the opportunity to see Paul in person, I’m going to give him a big hug.  

Wish the same could be said for….


This past Sunday night, I noticed Older Sister had been crying.

Jasper and Camille had both been ailing for some time.  Camille’s kidneys were failing and her thyroid was going crazy, while Jasper had neuropathy and basically could barely get up off the floor anymore.

According to my mom, something – and she wasn’t sure what – finally convinced Older Sister that it was time to let both Jasper and Camille go.


Mom called the vet on Monday morning.

Wednesday morning, Jasper and Camille made their final trip to the vet’s office.

I’ve been crying ever since.  No, seriously.

Mom, Older Sister, and Younger Brother were all present in the room when the vet administered the euthanasia to Camille and Jasper.  And Mom said it was a peaceful passing for both Camille and Jasper.

In fact, that’s the text I got from her at about 10:45 Wednesday morning:  “Jasper and Camille are now at peace.”

Been crying ever since.

They will be cremated, and their ashes put in one little urn/box together.  We are also going to get an impression of one paw cast from both of them and made into a little remembrance plaque.

They are at peace.  They are in no more pain.  As Older Sister so beautifully wrote:  “On the other side of that rainbow bridge is a wonderful place for them to run and play, happy and healthy.”  And they will live on forever in our hearts.

But it still hurts.  And I will miss them dearly.

Goodnight, sweet Camille and sweet Jasper.

And goodbye….


That’s what’s been going on.

Currently at work, counting down the hours and minutes until 4:30-ish, when I can get out of here, put this whole week behind me, and go home to a 3-day weekend.  Sorely needed.

Again, if I don’t post again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And, as always, I’ll try to do better next post.


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