The last move

So, remember in the last post, I mentioned we were in the process of selling our house?

I honestly don’t know how long Mom and Older Sister were planning on doing so, but all of this started right after 4th of July. That’s when we listed our house on the market. And ever since then, we’ve seen at least two dozen houses, and as for our house, we’ve had well over 40 showings, and at least 5 open houses.

Yeah. That’s a lot.

We put in offers on three different houses, with a 24-hour contingency on each offer. What that means is, if the buyer(s) got a better offer than ours, then they would give us 24 hours notice, and that meant that we either had to have a buyer for our house (releasing us from the contingency) or else we had to walk away from the house we wanted to buy. And that happened three times. Three times, we were outbid.


Now, the particular house we have an offer on now is about five minutes from where we’re currently living, on one of the busier streets in the area, but still in the location we wanted, because we’re used to this location. I won’t get into the drama about the orangeburg piping on this house, because it is going to be fixed (but, boy, what a story; it’s illegal, too, what they did!).

I think in the last post, I had told you we had an offer on our house, and that offer was also contingent upon him selling his house.

So it was a vicious cycle – in order for us to get the new house, we had to sell our house first, and in order for the potential buyer to get our house, he had to sell his house first.

Well, last weekend, on Saturday, we had three more showings, all of which happened in the morning (yeah, so from 8:30 to 1:30, we were out of the house, and I won’t get into the drama involving our pets; again, what a story!).

And, last weekend, on Saturday, we got another offer on our house.

A better offer than the one we currently had. And – get this – absolutely no contingencies whatsoever.

So we had to give the first potential buyer 24 hours notice, as he had the 24-hour contingency in place.

Citing financial reasons (I believe for medical bills), he could not release the contingency. He wanted to make sure he had a buyer for his house in place.

So we accepted the other offer, and released our contingency for the house we have the offer on.

So, guess what?



My family and I are experts at moving – we did it a lot when I was younger. So there will be headaches and temper tantrums and quite possibly pulled muscles to come.

But this is our last move. Period.

Here’s the best part (sarcasm): the closing for our house (from us as sellers to the new buyer) is going to be on November 22nd.

The closing for the house we’re going to move in to is going to be on November 24th.

Yup. Thanksgiving breaks it up.

So that means all six of our pets will be boarded at the vet’s office. And that means my family and I will be spending Thanksgiving in a hotel.

Yeah. That’s never happened before.

*SIGH* Gonna be interesting.

But I shall miss our old house. Our 13 year anniversary in this house would have been in January. And we did a lot of updates to it in these past few months, to get it ready to sell.

Here you go – one last look at the soon-to-be old house:

8 1031

It was a good little house. It really was.


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