I’m back!

Hi, everyone!

I know, I know, it’s been months since I posted last.

Since Easter!!! Holy cow!

Well, let me see if I can give you a quick run-down of what’s happened since then.

The rest of April was fine, as far as I can remember. The job and the story were my big points of focus.

At the job – when last I left you, we had a May 1st deadline to get all the paperwork scanned in. Well, more of the ladies on the team joined me in my scanning efforts, so, between the six to eight of us, we got the job done by May 1st.

On May 8th, I started a new position within the company, as a scanner in the cash scanning office. And I’ve been there ever since. It’s frustrating at times, especially when things get really busy, but I really do like it. It keeps me busy.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Mom, Youngest Brother, and I went to visit family in IL. Where I was distraught to learn that, oh my god, they took down Mrs. Taylor’s old, long-standing wrought-iron fence! I was gutted! That fence was a landmark in town, and it was one of my and Gina’s more somber moments in our lives. I was so upset.

During that same weekend, the high school opened its doors one last time for one last tour before they were going to tear it down. My mom and all her siblings attended and graduated from that high school. But, right at this moment, the town has a brand new high school. But it was really amazing to see the old high school where my mom and aunts and uncles went to school. Mom knew most of the rooms, and even some of her old teachers were there to help with the tour. It was really cool.

June – I don’t remember much that happened during the month of June. It was just the start of summer.

July – I got a 4 tb external hard drive for my new laptop, and had a scare with it. For whatever reason, I could not access it anymore. I was freaking out, because I’d already transferred everything onto it – my music, my photos, my videos, my writing!! I was so depressed. But it turned out, all I needed to do was update my USB drivers.

In July, the world lost a great musician, Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington, to suicide. That one hurt more than losing Chris Cornell earlier in the year.

Also in late July, Younger Brother visited for a couple weeks from Georgia. It was great to see him again, and to hang out with him again. We went to a baseball game, and it was tons of fun.

August – not much happened in August. Same old, same old.

September – Over Labor Day weekend, the whole family (myself, Mom, Dad, Older Sister, Younger Brother, and Youngest Brother) all met up and went up to Chicago to watch a Chicago Cubs game. It was AMAZING! We were seated along the third base line. Rene Rivera hit a grand slam, and Gary Sinise led everyone in singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch.

Mid-month, my tendonitis flared up again. This was the worst it’s ever felt. All my wrist braces were in storage (more on this in a bit), so I had to go out and buy another one, which helped immensely. After about two and a half weeks, the pain went away. So I’m brace-less now, but I think perhaps today, it flared up a little bit, so I’ll probably have to wear the brace again at least for tomorrow.

October – I’ve been to Las Vegas. I’ve visited the Mandalay Bay Hotel. So the massacre in Las Vegas really hit me hard, too. And Keith Olbermann had a chilling factoid in a video he put out about it – the Las Vegas massacre was the 272nd mass shooting in the US in 274 days. That’s almost one mass shooting a day all year! The shooter was a domestic terrorist. He was! Call it like it is!

I just….I don’t know.

*quiet for a long time*

But the biggest thing that’s happened since Easter was….we’ve been trying to sell our house.


At present, we have put an offer on a house about five minutes from our current house, and the offer was accepted. And we have an offer on our current house, which has been accepted.

Here’s where it gets all haywire.

The house we might be moving into has orangeburg piping. And the current homeowners knew that, but put ‘no’ on the disclosure form when asked if there was any orangeburg. Plus, they had gotten a letter from the city back in August 2016 saying that they had orangeburg piping, and that it needed to be remedied before any repairs could be done on the street outside the house. So. The current homeowners are on the hook to get the orangeburg fixed before we move inn.

If we move in.

Here’s the other rub – the prospective buyers of our house put a contingency in place that they had to sell their house first before they would be fully committed to buying our house. But their house is half the size of our house – only about 645 square feet; it’s a two bedroom, one bathroom house. And they are asking about $100,000 for it. Whereas we are only asking about $120,000 for our house.


So, the prospective buyers have until October 31st to sell their house. If they do not sell their house, they either have to remove the contingency from their offer, or else we’re walking away. From everything. We will not be buying the house we have an offer on, the prospective buyers will lose our house, and we will be taking our house off the market and will not be moving, period.

Reality has sunk in pretty quick that, most likely, we will not be moving.

So. Ta da! Most likely, we’re staying in this house!

So that’s what’s been going on with life in general.

Story-wise, there’s been a lot going on. More songs to the soundtrack, more scene ideas, more characters. And there is going to be a sequel. Yes, you heard that right – there is going to be a sequel!

So. There you go.

I will try to keep up with blog posts from now on; not leave you hanging for so long.

I’ll try to do better next post!


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