April start, and stuff

First of all, Happy April Fools’ Day.

What better way to celebrate than with a song? A song by the greatest trickster of them all – Maui!

Yes, I’ve finally seen “Moana.” It’s a great movie, with a great message, and great music. I love Moana; Auli’i Cravalho does a fantastic job with her. And who knew Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could sing?!? Certainly I didn’t! But he’s good at it!

Today should start the spring warm-up in Iowa. At least, I certainly hope our cold snaps are over. The warm-up would make me feel so much better; I’ve still got a lingering cough and cold from being sick this past week.

At least it’s sunny out today here in Iowa. We literally haven’t seen the sun for weeks. What was it Older Sister said the weatherman said? Out of the past 200+ hours of the past week or so, only one hour of those 200+ hours was sunlight. One hour of sunlight!

So, thank you, Lord, for the sunshine!

I got back to work on Wednesday, and had to use the sit-down scanner in order to scan the work that needs to be done. Now, that was nice, because, well, duh, I got to sit down.

But, in all honesty, I prefer the stand-up scanner.

The sit-down scanner, I’ve found, has a bad habit of shutting itself down whenever it damn well feels like it. And when that happens, I have to restart my entire system to get the scanner to run normally again. I can’t just exit out of the scanning program and get back into it. No. Doesn’t work that way. I have to restart EVERYTHING.

Not conducive to the work that needs to be done. There are over 275 boxes of paper files still left to scan. Currently, I am the only one doing the scanning of the paper files. There is a deadline of May 1st to get this project done.

On a good day, I can get eight boxes scanned – that’s a box an hour. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I was lucky, LUCKY if I got five boxes done each day, at the sit-down scanner. And, because I was out sick Monday and Tuesday, and I am the only one scanning, scanning got backed up – I have at least twenty boxes sitting there, waiting for me for next week already. And there are still plenty of boxes coming.

We’re not going to meet the May 1st deadline if I have to continue to use the sit-down scanner.

By contrast, using the stand-up scanner, I had no problems with it whatsoever. I could feed ream after ream of paper into it, no problem. It never jammed, it never shut itself off, it never gave me any trouble. That’s how I was able to crank out eight boxes a day. The only thing I had to do with the stand-up scanner was to make sure to calibrate it at least once a day.

Another team was using the stand-up scanner all week this past week. But it really irritated me, that they were doing so, because they would maybe scan for ten, fifteen minutes a pop, and then disappear for two hours, then come back and scan for another ten, fifteen minutes, and then disappear for another two hours. All the while, they remained logged in on the stand-up scanner, so I couldn’t log them out to use the stand-up scanner. So I was stuck with the sit-down scanner.

So I e-mailed younger Michelle, along with Carla (the supervisor), and asked them if there was any way I could have exclusive access to the stand-up scanner in order to complete this project. Didn’t hear back from either one of them yet.


But, you know, whatcha gonna do?

So I guess I’ll just have to suck it up, and make do.

Plus, somebody took my cart. In order to put the scanned boxes back in the warehouse on the pallets, I need a cart to transport them. Well, somebody took my cart, which would hold about ten boxes at a time. So now I’m back to using a cart that only transports four boxes at a time. I was so mad.

Anyway. Work is fine, aside from that.

And that’s about it. I don’t have much else to say at present.

I’ll try to do better next post.


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