For the man I love, and a trio of Tunes for Tuesday

So, at the start of this video, I say that I was ‘under the weather.’

That was an understatement.

This was a week in the making. Last week, I started having trouble yawning, as in I couldn’t catch a deep enough breath to properly yawn. So I was feeling pressure on my lungs, and that felt awful. By Thursday last week, I started to develop a cold and cough. By Saturday, I began to get splitting headaches and body aches. By Sunday, which is when I put together the speaking portions of this video, I was feeling all of that and was somewhat dizzy at the same time. Monday morning, I started throwing up. So Mom immediately took me to the doctor. I tested negative for influenza (well, I did get a flu shot last fall). Best the doctor could diagnose was both a respiratory bug and a stomach bug.


I’m still home from work today. I’m going to see how I feel in the morning, as to whether or not I go to work tomorrow. Hopefully I can, but we’ll see.


This is that video I’ve been going on about, for the man I love.

And I think I’ll just let it speak for itself.

The three songs herein are: “Last Solstice of the 70s” by Miranda Lee Richards; “Mount Washington” by Beth Orton; and “Searching to Live” by Lennon Murphy.




Happy listening.


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