Tune for Tuesday – Imogen Heap, “Hide and Seek”

So I’m feeling quite down.

Came to a rather strange yet depressing realization yesterday. Very nearly had me in tears all night. How I was able to keep from crying is beyond me; by rights, I should have been bawling for hours on end.


Perhaps I’ll post more about it later.


But anyway.

So, what better way to ‘celebrate’ that depressing realization with a rather depressing song?

And, really, this song needs no introduction, other than to say that I basically will cry every time I hear it.

Like today, when my Pandora stream played it just a few minutes ago.

From her 2005 album “Speak For Yourself,” this is Imogen Heap with “Hide and Seek.”

Happy listening!

I’ll try to do better next post.


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