Another music update

Okay.  So.

In the last post, I laid out the new entire soundtrack of my story.  And I said that was ‘how it stood at the moment.’

Well, there have been a couple changes to it since then.

I know, right?  Even more music!


I mentioned I had four No Doubt songs that I was thinking about having somewhere in the story.  

Well, half of those songs are now in.

Here I’ve been thinking all this time that “New” would have been the best, most logical choice for the story.  For obvious reasons, actually, at least in terms of what Sarah will go through.

But who knew it would be “Hella Good” that absolutely fit the best?

Certainly not me!

I just gave it a listen last night, just for no reason other than I really hadn’t heard that song in a while.  

And suddenly, an idea sprang up in my head as to how to include the song in the story.  A whole new scene came to mind, and that song was the catalyst for that scene, and will be featured in the scene.

And, oh my god, it’s gonna freakin’ work!

Who knew?!?

As for the second No Doubt song, I simply decided to make the scene include back-to-back No Doubt songs.  So, hello, “Hey Baby.”

God, it’s gonna work so well!

Also added one additional song, for the same scene; it’d serve to kick off the scene.  And that song is “Who Do You Think You Are” by the Spice Girls.  So shoot me!  Actually, no, don’t shoot me!  Because, surprisingly, it’ll also work for the scene.

Go figure.  

The other little update I have has to do with the Evanescence song “My Immortal.”

I had told you I had planned out a certain outcome in the story, but have been rebelling against that outcome ever since I planned it.  Because I honestly don’t know if I should change it.  I mean, it would absolutely make sense to change it, if nothing else for the sake of closure.  But I honestly don’t know if Sarah would do it, given the chance; as it stands right now, she has good reason for refusing to do so.  So I’m still not entirely sure if she will, but….

….I made up a document, and titled it “Cause for debate.”  I wrote out a whole entire alternate outcome for the situation in question.  And it would be entirely feasible, what I wrote.  Not to mention it would be sorely needed.  The way I have it is, Sarah won’t see it coming, but then….there it is.  So she takes the chance….

So.  I am seriously, seriously considering including that alternate outcome – so that means I am seriously, seriously considering including “My Immortal.”

But I still don’t know.

We’ll see.

God, I love writing!!!! 

And I love music!!!!


Sorry for that.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

And, as always, I’ll try to do better next post.


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