Story update, and the Tune for Tuesday – Auli’i Cravalho, “How Far I’ll Go” from “Moana”

Thought I’d post a little update on how “Cherchez La Femme” is coming along.

I’ve gotten through a lot of relatively tough scenes lately. Well, let’s just say, they were tough to write because I haven’t experienced certain aspects of what the scenes entailed. So.

But I think I’ve gotten over the hump with one of the toughest scenes. Not wanting to give too much away, but it was a scene that required a lot of dialogue – as they say, “fightin’ words” – and I think I have it where I want it.

So. I’m a bit giddy about that.

And just today, I surprised myself with a couple cute little ideas. tee hee.

So. It’s still going! And, surprisingly, it’s still cranking out surprises.

I love writing.

All told, I am just about 3/4 of the way through this initial rough draft. That ‘toughest scene’ I mentioned is basically the 3/4 mark of the story, and I have yet to polish it up. After that, I think everything else will just fall into place.

Then, once everything else is written out, I’ll be finished with the initial rough draft.

Then the real work begins – editing, rewriting, cutting entire superfluous scenes, et cetera. All that wonderful stuff.


Anyway. That’s that.

Oh, and in the very near future, like perhaps this weekend, I will be posting an updated soundtrack list for the story. Because, goddamn, wouldn’t you know, as much as the writing has still surprised me, so too have the musical inspirations.

So, be on the lookout for that.

Today’s Tune for Tuesday will not, I repeat, not be in the story.

And – smack me – I have not yet seen “Moana.” I really wanted to go see it, but we just didn’t get around to it.

But my Pandora stream today brought this song to my attention. I must have hit ‘repeat’ on this song half a dozen times today.

And it’s an amazing song!

I’ll be honest – I don’t like it as much as I love “Let It Go” from “Frozen.”

But, you know, in terms of feelings of empowerment, this song is right up there with “Let It Go.”

From the soundtrack to the 2016 Disney movie “Moana,” this is Auli’i Cravalho as Moana singing “How Far I’ll Go.”

Happy listening!



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