RIP Carrie Fisher, plus the Tune for Tuesday – Dot Allison, “Mo’ Pop”

First, I must express condolences to the family and friends and fans of actress Carrie Fisher, best known as Princess Leia from “Star Wars.” She passed away today, at age 60.

Talk about a childhood icon! Oh my goodness, when I first ever saw the first “Star Wars” movie, I thought she was amazing! The minute she grabbed that gun from Luke during the fight in the cell blocks, remarked to Han “Somebody has to save our skins!”, and, without hesitation, jumped out and started firing at the stormtroopers, little me was like “YES!” She kicked ass, and no mistake! She presented a strong female character with her portrayal of Princess Leia. I loved it.  I loved her.

And so did everybody else.

May you rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. And may the Force be with you.


*SIGH* 2016 has really sucked so far, in terms of the great actors/actresses/musicians/writers/entertainers lost to us. In that regard, I am ready for 2017 to get here. Start all over. Maybe not lose so many luminaries in the next year.


Today’s Tune for Tuesday, while late, is not at all related to any of that.

I’ve been grooving to this song for several days now, ever since my Pandora stream played it on a whim one day at work.

It’s a great song from a great obscure artist, Dot Allison. I believe I have all of her albums, but it’s her first album, 1999’s “Afterglow,” that I love the most. That album was one that I saw in Best Buy one day while shopping, and I thought it looked like an interesting listen, so I bought it. And, oh my god, thank goodness I did! Took me a few days to get past the very first song – “Colour Me,” which is a great song! – but the whole entire album is great. And you might remember I said I’d worked “Colour Me” into my story….and I did, thankyouverymuch.

This particular song is also from “Afterglow.” And, yes, I also worked this song into my story. Took me quite by surprise, but I am very happy with where I placed it in the story – it’s going to work really well where it is.

From her 1999 album “Afterglow,” this is Dot Allison with “Mo’ Pop.”

If the above MP3 doesn’t play, here is a video version of the song:

Happy listening!


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