How it’s going; and declaring myself!

Hi, everyone!

So this past week, I was at my new job! And it’s going great thus far. Basically all I’m doing is boxing up files to be shipped and stored offsite, as well as a little bit of data entry onto a spreadsheet to track said files going offsite. It’s gone really well. I got about 90 boxes done this past week alone. The way I see it is, if I keep on going at the rate I’m going, I’ll have all the necessary files boxed up and ready to be shipped out within the duration of the job (remember, it’s only a 3 to 4 week job).

It’s also a job in two parts, so to speak. There are terminated files to box up and there are active files to box up. I’ve only been working on the terminated files so far. There’s a whole different procedure I’d have to follow when it comes to boxing and shipping the active files. So I want to get the terminated files all boxed up and shipped out before I tackle the active files.

Only problem with all this is, the company I’m working for only wants to make one lump sum payment to the shipping/storage company. So that means everything has to be boxed up and ready before I can have it shipped out. Doesn’t bode well, space-wise; it’s not a very big office, so there aren’t very many places to put the boxes once they’re ready. That’s the only thing I’m sort of annoyed about. Where I used to work in Iowa, we could box and ship out files as often as we pleased, without regard to cost. Guess it’s different here.

Oh well.

So, that’s the job. My prospects are still wide open for November; I put the bug in my recruiter’s ear that if she had any temporary prospects for the month of November to please keep me in mind. Hopefully something will come through because, as I’ve said, I could really use the money.

But speaking of November!

November, as you all know, is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.

And, right here and now, I am officially declaring myself to be an active participant in NaNoWriMo 2016.


Ta da! (Yeah, that’s all there is to declaring oneself, really.)

I am going to be working on “Cherchez La Femme” again, which has been my NaNo project the past couple years I’ve participated (which was 2013 and 2014; I didn’t participate in 2015). Here’s hoping the third time around is the charm for this story.

Here’s a little more backstory about “Cherchez La Femme,” in case you were interested. I got the initial idea for this story way back in 2003. So this story has been in development for the past 13 years, and that’s the truth. It went through a lot of different variations before I finally settled on what I’ve got going on with it right now. And I am definitely liking what I’ve got going on with it right now.

I don’t know if you remember my posting a majority of the short story a long time ago, but here’s a link to that previous post. I wrote the short story back in 2009 as part of a creative writing class in college.

Like I said in the post in the above link, the phrase “cherchez la femme” is a French phrase which translates to mean “look for the woman.” From what I gather, it’s associated more with noir stories and the like. I just liked the sound of it – “look for the woman.” The story is not going to be noir or anything like that, but I like the notion behind the phrase. So, that’s why it’s going to be called “Cherchez La Femme.” As I said, I’m too attached to the title to change it now. Plus, in the end, if I do it right, it will make perfect sense.

The story has to do with Francine and Sarah, two girls who have been best friends since they were about four years old. Francine is a famous actress, and Sarah isn’t, yet they’re still best friends. *shrug* I’ve just always wanted to write a story about something like that. So, again, ta da!

And, yes, Francine is still based on a well-known real-life British actress, but I am still not going to tell you who that actress is. But not like you couldn’t figure it out. It still isn’t Emma Watson, though, so don’t think her.

Like I said in a previous post, I like where the outline has gone (and it’s no longer about 80 pages anymore; now it’s about 90 pages, and still subject to change). There are going to be no loose ends, everything will come together nicely, and in the case of one particular development in the story there will be no wasted moments. Plus, I like where some of the characters are going. There is one particular character who is going to be sooooo very important throughout the story, and I cannot wait to write him.

Plus the ‘soundtrack’ I’ve got going is killer. I say ‘soundtrack’ in quotes, because it’s mainly for inspiration sake, as to why I put together a ‘soundtrack.’

Here’s a breakdown of the ‘soundtrack’:

~ There are 11 ABBA songs (as Francine and Sarah basically grew up with ABBA);
~ There are 7 Neko Case songs (as she is my most favorite singer of all time, duh!);
~ There are 6 Miranda Lee Richards songs (and one of those songs is basically THE MOST IMPORTANT SONG IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE STORY, so it HAS to be in there; I am so glad I kept the song in the story, and I’m very pleased as to where, exactly, I will have it featured);
~ There are 2 Queen songs (because Queen, being my favorite band, needed to be represented somehow!);
~ There are 2 songs by A Fine Frenzy;
~ There are 2 songs by The Wreckers;
~ There is 1 song apiece from each of the following artists: Phil Collins, Keane, Pharrell, Beth Orton, Duran Duran, Diane Birch, Unfinished Thought, Eliza Carthy, and Shea Seger; and
~ One of the songs, which I included solely for inspiration sake, is from “Repo! The Genetic Opera.” If you’re familiar with that movie, it’s the song “Chase the Morning,” sung by Sarah Brightman and Alexa Vega. I actually haven’t seen that movie in quite a while, but the other day, it inspired me, so I included it in the ‘soundtrack.’ Ah-mazing!

There’s more to the ‘soundtrack,’ but that’s basically the gist of it.

One of the ABBA songs I have featured, as well as the Duran Duran song I chose – I actually really truly dislike those two songs. But, they work for the story, hence why I have included them in the ‘soundtrack.

If I do it right, it is going to be amazing!

At least, I hope it will be.

So. November approaches.

We’ll see.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to do better next post!


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