Friday “Neighbor Pains” Funny

Sorry to leave you like I did yesterday.

But, you know, I am depressed at the moment. I’m not going to say otherwise. It’s not worth it to lie.

Anyway. That’s neither here nor there. I’ll try not to mention it again.

I did find a Friday Funny, though. Yes, you’ll be happy to know that the Friday Funny is back!

This is an episode of “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.” It’s called “Neighbor Pains.” In it, the Home is holding an Adopt-A-Thought Saturday, only this particular Adopt-A-Thought Saturday isn’t going so well….

The best bit has to be the ‘Orlando Bloo’ bit. Keith Ferguson, who voices Bloo in the first place, does a great voice for ‘Orlando Bloo.’ You have to see it and hear it.

“Don’t forget Boopsy, Flopper, Stupid, and Ding-Dong!” Hilarious!

The second best bit is between Bloo and Jackie Khones, right after Bloo jumps out the window. It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but it’s pretty funny.

You have to click the link to see the cartoon, and it’s about halfway down the page.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends – “Neighbor Pains”


Enjoy! And Happy Friday!


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