Tune for Tuesday – Dan Fogelberg, “Ever On”

August 2016 has not been the easiest month for me.

They say “bad things happen in threes.” And they did this month.

First, there was my and Johnny’s mutual break-up. Which is still somewhat difficult to speak of so, for benefit of both myself and Johnny, I won’t.

Then, I got some news I didn’t want, regarding a family member. And it is not something I wish to discuss here on the blog at the present time. Everyone who needs to know about it knows about it. That’s all for now on that.

Finally, yesterday, the world learned of the passing of the legendary Gene Wilder. I made a post about that yesterday.

So, yeah, the month of August hasn’t been the easiest for me.

Yet, I have faith and hope that all will turn out all right in the end.

So while I continue to grieve, for all that has occurred, I will always hope for the best.

Off the beaten path for a moment, sharing this particular story. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but when my father was in high school, he played saxophone in the high school band. And his high school band teacher was none other than Larry Fogelberg, Dan Fogelberg’s father. So, yes, my father really did know Dan Fogelberg.

And this is one of my favorite Dan Fogelberg songs ever.

Fogelberg described the song as “a prayer for all of us on our journey.”

In terms of my journey at this time, it encompasses everything about this month, from Johnny to family to Gene Wilder, and all that could possibly happen in future, wherever it will lead me.

And forever faith and hope. Ever faith and hope. Always faith and hope.

From his 1990 album “The Wild Places,” this is (Peoria’s own) Dan Fogelberg with “Ever On.”

May the trail rise up to meet you
May your heart rejoice in song
May the skies be fair above you
As you journey ever on

Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on

In this planetary circle
We are but a single stone
Spinning on our fragile axis
Through the endless night alone

Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on

May your love be there to guide us
May it always keep us strong
May we walk within your footsteps
As you lead us ever on

Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on


Ever on….


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