100 fun questions

Because I’m feeling fun, here are 100 fun questions.

1. What images do you have for your desktop/cell phone wallpapers?
~ For my desktop (laptop), I have Gir on his piggy.


For my cell phone, I have this atmospheric shot of tree branches caught in the perfect light. I found it on Zedge.


2. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
~ Yes. And let’s just leave it at that, okay? It’s not painful to talk about so much as it is embarrassing.

3. What was your last text message?
~ “Good night,” to Johnny.

4. What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
~ Still writing, perhaps married and with children, holding down a steady job, living in a house, driving a good car. Basically what I’m doing right now, but with the added perks of a house and car and children.

5. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?
~ In Texas, or anywhere, with Johnny.

6. What was your coolest Halloween costume?
~ A spider queen! That was cool! Or Vanellope Von Schweetz. Well, sort of. The wig didn’t quite work – it was too heavy for my head – so I had to improvise with my hair.

Photo taken by Johnny
Photo taken by Johnny

7. What was your favorite 90s show?
~ I had a lot. There was “Tiny Toon Adventures,” “Animaniacs,” “The X-Files,” “KaBlam!”, “Frasier,” and all the Nicktoons and Cartoon Cartoons, among others. Ooo, I know! One of my most favorites was “Salute Your Shorts.” Anybody remember that show?

8. Who was your last kiss?
~ On the lips? Johnny. On the cheek? My mom. And I kiss my cats on the tops of their heads all the time.

9. Have you ever been stood up?
~ No, not even by a friend.

10. Favorite ice cream flavor?
~ Mint chocolate chip.

11. Have you been to Las Vegas?
~ Not yet! Just wait until April!

12. Your favorite pair of shoes?
~ My tennis shoes, of course.

13. Honestly, have you ever cheated on your significant other?
~ No. And I never would, either.

14. What is your favorite fruit?
~ Apples.

15. Have you talked to anyone on tumblr that you could see yourself dating/having sex with? If possible?
~ No. I mean, I do have a tumblr page (it’s linked to my blog here). I just don’t interact with others very much on tumblr. Trying to, though. I’m still learning the ropes.

16. Are you into hookups? Short or long term relationships?
~ I’ve always been about long-term relationships. Even when I was a teenager, I never hoped for short relationships or hookups. I always dreamt of a steady long-term relationship.

17. Do you smoke? If so, what?
~ Nope.

18. What do you do to get over your anger?
~ I breathe in and out, I listen to angry music like Nirvana (or even Marilyn Manson, just to make me laugh), I take a short walk to cool down, or I take a short nap.

19. Do you believe in God?
~ Yes. I was born and raised Catholic. While that really has no bearing anymore, I do still believe in God.

20. Does the person you’re in love with know it?
~ I think so, yes. 🙂

21. Favorite position?
~ What’s this question asking? You’ll have to be more specific. Favorite position of furniture, favorite opinion to have, or (most likely) favorite sexual position?

22. What’s your horoscope sign?
~ Capricorn.

23. Your fears?
~ Bees, needles, driving (to a degree), and a healthy fear of fire and water.

24. How many pets do you have? What kind?
~ As a family, we have five cats and one dog. I personally only have one cat and that is Nuala. The family kittens are Finn and Bo. And Older Sister’s pets are Camille, Teag, and Jasper. So I’m mommy to Nuala, I’m sister to Finn and Bo, and I’m auntie to Camille, Teag, and Jasper. Yes, really.

25. What never fails to turn you on?
~ How? You’ll have to be more specific. Make-me-happy turn on or (most likely) sexual turn on? A good song never fails to turn me on in a happy way, especially “Electric Twist” by A Fine Frenzy. SQUEE! I love this song!

26. Your idea of a perfect first date?
~ Just dinner and a movie. Don’t read into this the wrong way, but I’m a cheap date.

27. What is something most people don’t know about you?
~ I wasn’t always this shy and quiet. I kid you not.

28. What makes you feel the happiest?
~ Life in general. It’s good.

29. What store do you shop at most often?
~ Wal-Mart.

30. How do you feel about oral? Giving and/or receiving?
~ Oral what? You’ll have to be more specific. Oral reports, oral hygiene, oral history, or (most likely) oral sex? Geez, people, it’s really not that difficult to be specific! Just say what you mean!

31. Do you believe in karma?
~ Sure. What goes around does eventually come around.

32. Are you single?
~ Nope!

33. Do you think flowers or candy are a better way to apologize?
~ I think talking through the problem is the best way to handle it. But one can’t go wrong with flowers, at least for me. Candy, not so much.

34. Are you a good swimmer?
~ Passably. I’m not great at it, but I can get by.

35. Coffee or tea?
~ Tea, thanks to Johnny. And always hot chocolate.

36. Online shopping or shopping in person?
~ I do both. And I get giddy, no matter how I shop.

37. Would you rather be older or younger than your current age?
~ Hmm. I’d rather be the age I am right now. I’m both younger and older at the same time, metaphorically speaking. So I’m comfortable with being how old I am right now.

38. Cats or dogs?
~ Both. I love animals. But if I had to choose only one, I’d pick cats.

39. Are you a competitive person?
~ Yes. That’s why I don’t play games with family very often, because I want to win. And I hate that ‘wanting to win’ feeling.

40. Do you believe in aliens?
~ Paraphrasing Bill Watterson: “The surest sign of intelligent life out there is that none of it has tried to contact us.” I believe that.

41. Do you like dancing?
~ I would love to learn how. I feel I don’t have any rhythm.

42. What kind of music do you listen to?
~ All kinds.

43. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
~ Daria, followed closely by Gir, followed closely by Elsa. Talk about running a gamut.

44. Where are you from?
~ Technically speaking, I am from Illinois. I currently live in Iowa, by way of Illinois, Georgia, and Wisconsin. How’s that?

45. Eat at home or eat out?
~ A little of both. I’m trying to cook more at home, and not microwave dinners, either.

46. How much more social are you when you’re drunk?
~ I don’t drink. I have only had one alcoholic drink on purpose, ever, in my life. And it was for good reason. But I really wanted to go back home and sleep after I drank it, so I don’t think I’d be very sociable if I got drunk on purpose. You know?

47. What was the last thing you bought for yourself?
~ Aside from my own groceries, it was Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy. Haven’t read it yet. It’s on my nightstand.

48. Why do you think your followers follow you?
~ I don’t really know, to be honest. Followers, care to weigh in?

49. How many hours do you sleep at night?
~ I try to go to bed by 9 pm Sundays through Thursdays, and I wake up by 6:00 or 6:30 am the following morning to get ready for work. On Fridays and Saturdays, it’s different – I’ll stay up ‘til 10 or 11 pm on those days, and wake up any time between 7 and 9 am the following mornings.

50. What worries you most about the future?
~ I just want to make sure I’m happy, and everyone I know is happy.

51. If you had a friend that spoke to you in the same way you speak to yourself, how long would you be friends?
~ I doubt we’d be friends for very long. I have a tendency to be self-deprecating with myself, and I talk myself down a bit (like if I do something wrong, I’ll mutter “I am such an idiot” to myself). I couldn’t stand that coming from anyone else. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

52. Are you happy with yourself?
~ Yes. And it took me a long time to be able to say that.

53. What do you wish you didn’t know?
~ I wish I knew nothing about politics. Ah, ignorance would be bliss in that regard.

54. What big lesson could people learn from your life?
~ That it will get better, even in the darkest times.

55. If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be?
~ Daria’s house, just to live in her room with the padded walls. But it is a beautiful house overall.



56. What’s your favorite website?
~ WordPress, duh!

57. What’s the habit you’re proudest of breaking?
~ Biting my nails.

58. What was your most recent trip of more than 50 miles?
~ Mom, Youngest Brother, and I took a weekend trip to Illinois to visit family recently.

59. What’s the best bargain you’ve ever found at a garage sale or thrift store?
~ An $80 pair of jeans for $14.99. That was on thredup.com.

60. What do you order when you eat Chinese food?
~ Ah, see, Johnny pointed out that there is such a thing as American Chinese food. Typically, I love shrimp with lobster sauce, which isn’t actually authentic Chinese – it would be considered American Chinese. So I don’t know if I’ve really ever had authentic Chinese food before. Unless you count the dim sum Johnny and I had at the restaurant in Chicago.

61. If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?
~ Either Illinois or Colorado. *shrug* Don’t know why.

62. If you had to teach a subject to a class, what would it be?
~ Creative writing. Or else a sort of personal development kind of course.

63. Favorite kind of chips?
~ Either Pringles, Sunchips, or those Special K chips. Yum!

64. Favorite kind of sandwich?
~ Just turkey with lettuce and tomato.

65. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?
~ Both in equal amounts.

66. Have you ever been stung by a bee?
~ Yes, and it was not a pleasant experience, hence my fear of bees. I also have a slight allergy to bee stings. I’m not sure if such an allergy gets better or worse over time, but I don’t intend to ever find out.

67. What’s your favorite form of exercise?
~ Walking, running, biking, swimming, or body pump.

68. Are you afraid of heights?
~ Yes, but not in an extreme way.

69. What’s the most memorable class you’ve ever taken?
~ Hmm. The most memorable class was creative writing in 11th grade. That was the best class with the best teacher and the best fellow students, and a productive class at that. You should really be asking who was one of the most memorable teachers I’ve ever had. That was Mr. Becker, my 9th grade civics teacher. He looked like a cross between David Schwimmer and Ben Stiller. He had a tendency to resort to unusual methods to make sure we were paying attention. Like, he’d kick his metal wastebasket over for no reason. Or he’d jump on his desk and pretend to be a disgruntled old man standing on a front porch with a shotgun, shouting things like “Down with the establishment!” He was crazy, obviously had some anger issues, but he was funny, too.

70. What’s your favorite breakfast?
~ In the small town in Illinois, there is a café that serves ricotta pancakes. Those are the best. But they’re really rich, so I usually can’t eat all of them.

71. Do you like guacamole?
~ Yes.

72. Have you ever been in a physical fight?
~ Sort of. I once hit a boy named Robert, just to try to get him away from me. He didn’t hit me back – he just ran away.

73. What/who are you thinking about right now?
~ I am thinking about work. I am thinking about Johnny. I am thinking about my doctor appointment this afternoon. I am thinking about what to do afterwards. I am thinking about Johnny. I am thinking about the women’s conference tomorrow that I’m attending. I am thinking about Johnny. Sense a trend here? 🙂

74. Do you like cuddling?
~ Yes.

75. Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?
~ Yes. I’m sentimental about a lot of things. I need to physically and emotionally let certain things go.

76. Have you ever experienced one of your biggest fears?
~ Yes. I’ve been stung by a bee before; see the answer to question 66 above. I am still practicing driving, and it’s getting better day by day. And there was a time where I had to periodically (every six months) get blood drawn to check my levels when I was on a certain medication, so that meant dealing with needles.

77. Favorite city you’ve been to?
~ Chicago.

78. Would you break the law to save a family member?
~ Depends on what the problem/crime is. If I were desperate enough, I’d probably rob a bank. But hopefully it never comes to that.

79. Talk about an embarrassing moment.
~ That would be the two occasions where someone read my writing without my permission. Once was when a teacher confiscated my notebook during class, which didn’t make any sense, because I wasn’t bothering anyone, and he’d said if you didn’t have the materials that day to please not bother anyone. And the second time was when three bullies read my personal journal. They thought it was my class notebook because, as they put it, “you’re always writing in it!” HA! Not about school stuff! I didn’t believe them for a second. They knew the difference.

80. Are there any causes you strongly believe in?
~ Mental health causes. Prevention of animal cruelty. Equal rights for all people. Those are the three biggies.

81. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
~ There were two. One was when I cracked my head open. The other was when I put my hand through a window.

82. Favorite day of the week?
~ Saturday.

83. Do you consider yourself sexually open-minded?
~ I suppose so.

84. How do you feel about porn?
~ I do not watch it, because it doesn’t necessarily represent reality.

85. What living celebrity would you like to know?
~ Too many to name.

86. Who was your hottest ex?
~ I don’t have an ex.

87. Do you want/have kids?
~ Yes, I want kids in the future. No, I currently do not have any.

88. Have anyone ever told you they want to marry you?
~ Not seriously. Tom Davis in 6th grade got down on both knees on the playground and hollered “[Mouse], will you marry me?” while his friends guffawed in the background. I think that, more than my parents’ divorce, is the reason why I’m wary of marriage.

89. Do you get easily distracted?
~ Not particu….ooo, something shiny! Yes, I am easily distracted. I’ve gotten better about it, though, as I’ve gotten older.

90. Ass or titties?
~ I’m a girl! Don’t ask me that!

91. What is your favorite word?
~ “Write.” For obvious reasons. 🙂

92. How do you feel about tattoos?
~ I like tattoos. In fact, I’ve often thought about getting one or a couple done.

93. Do you have any pets?
~ Asked and answered; see the answer to question 24 above.

94. How tall are you?
~ Five feet, four and a half inches tall.

95. How old are you?
~ Do some sleuthing, and you’ll find out. I did recently say how old I was.

96. Three physical features you get complimented on a lot?
~ My eyes, my hair, and my smile.

97. Is there anything you’re really passionate about?
~ Asked and answered; see the answer to question 80 above. I am also really passionate about (physical) books and the written word.

98. Do you have trust issues?
~ Not anymore. I’m not trying to brag, but I can tell instantly about most people.

99. Do you believe at love in first sight?
~ No. I believe love takes time.

100. What are some words you live by? Why?
~ Words to live by, hmm? Audrey Hepburn had a great quote:


Yeah. I like that.


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