A couple more, RE: David Bowie

David Bowie has passed away, and it is a great loss for the music world, and the world in general.

Here is a quote from Older Sister, upon hearing the news:

“Now I’ll never know how moonlight can be serious.”

And this is from my dad’s Facebook feed – he posted this regarding an honest to god conversation he overheard at a McDonald’s yesterday morning:

Older gentleman: “I guess David Bowie died overnight.
Younger gentleman: “Who?”
Older gentleman: “Singer. He sang ‘Mony Mony.'”

To quote one of Dad’s Facebook friends, my entire BEING is offended by that conversation. Dad himself facepalmed. I would have, too, and did upon reading that.

No, neither one of us made that up. We’re not that creative.

*SIGH* Their loss, I suppose, for never having truly grasped the greatness that was David Bowie.

Comment when you get it. I’d love a conversation about anything right about now.


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