RIP David Bowie

What a shock, to wake up this morning to news that the Thin White Duke had passed away of cancer.

David Bowie was a true original in the world of music. He could really do no wrong. All the personas he, well, personified, and variations of music he could perform. He was just a great performer, and a great writer of songs, and the music was great. He was great! I can’t get over how great and talented he was.

But it really is a shame, that I don’t know that much about him personally or his music, although they have been a big part of my life, thanks to my father, and the huge crush I had on Bowie when I was in 10th grade. Yeah. I did. I blame “Labyrinth,” mostly. But overall he was offbeat and quirky (putting it mildly), and I liked that about him.

I didn’t even know he had been sick, and “Blackstar” is an album I have been meaning to purchase ever since I knew it was coming out.

Like my father, my favorite album of Bowie’s (so far) has to be the 1993 album “Black Tie White Noise.” So many good songs on that album. Second pick would be “Earthling,” and “Little Wonder” is my favorite song off that album.

But my all-time favorite song of Bowie’s has to be “Thursday’s Child” from his 1999 release “Hours.” I honestly don’t know why. It’s just….fitting, somehow.

David Bowie was a phenomenal talent, and the world is a little less musical without him.

Rest in peace, David Bowie.


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