Friday Observation Funny

Okay. When last I left you on Tuesday, it was my birthday. I was another year older, as you know, and I was still in the grips of a nasty little threesome of infections – sinus, throat, and ear.

Well, guess what? My health saw fit to bless me with….pinkeye. On my birthday. Yup. Happy birthday to me. 😦

So that was a bummer. Sinus infection, throat infection, ear infection, and pinkeye, all at once. Just a rash of bad luck, health-wise.

Today is my second day of work this week, having only worked on Tuesday. All other days, I’ve been out sick.

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT an indication of how the year is going to go. I won’t let it be.


Today’s Funny comes from an observation at work I had just this morning.

You know what’s annoying and funny at the same time? Guys who wear shoes that, when they walk, sound like women’s shoes.

I’m serious.

If you were to close your eyes and listen to the footsteps, you’d think it was a woman walking down the hallway, but it turns out it’s a man wearing semi-heels or boots that have sharp heels. I mean, the men aren’t actually wearing high heels or anything like that, it just sounds like they are.

Isn’t that weird?

Or is that sexist of me to bring up? Because I’m a big proponent of “To each his/her own.” You know?


Happy Friday!


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