A Christmas ‘Oops’

What I am about to say is absolutely 100% true. And, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen this before, so sorry for the repeat.

“Santa Baby” is a Christmas staple, having been recorded by artists as diverse as Eartha Kitt, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Everclear, and even Michael Buble. It’s about a person (can’t really say ‘woman’ anymore, not with the male singers that have covered it) who wants extravagant things for Christmas, like a yacht, a ring, a car, a platinum mine, and decorations from Tiffany’s.

Here is the absolute 100% truth:

Took me years to realize the singer was singing “checks” as in money, not “Chex” as in cereal.

My bad.

No, I can’t make this stuff up! That really happened!




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