Friday Christmas Funny two-fer!

Huzzah! You get twice the laughs today! Lucky you.

Okay, it was not my intention to have two weeks worth of parodies of “12 Days of Christmas.” That’s just how it turned out. This parody song is from the Bob Rivers Comedy Corp, called “The 12 Pains of Christmas.” It’s from a 1988 album titled “Twisted Christmas.” I especially love the ‘rigging up the lights’ guy, who happens to be No. 2.

Next up is a collection of funny moments from “A Garfield Christmas.” Because they don’t have the whole show on Youtube. 😦 Dratted copyright laws and stuff.

I love my grandmothers dearly – that goes without saying. But I wish I had a grandma like Jon and Doc Boy do. Perfectly voiced by Pat Carroll (who also did Ursula in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” point of reference), she is just coolness, wisdom, and hilarity all at once. But then, so are my grandmothers. I still love them!

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!


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