A forthright questionnaire


~Name: Mousenomia Tadpole a/k/a Mouse.
~Age: Old enough, but not so.
~Height: 5-foot, 4.5-inches.
~Origin: Blame my parents.
~Gender: Female.
~Relationship status: In a relationship with the best guy.
~Hair color: Brown, or auburn on occasion.
~Eye color: Brown.
~Year graduated: I’m just thankful I did graduate, thankyouverymuch.
~Hometown: A small town in central Illinois.
~Religious views: Catholic, but that doesn’t have a lot of bearing anymore.
~Political Views: Not affiliated. I belong to the MMI Party – Me, Myself, and I.
~Birthday: January 5th.
~Occupation: Records specialist.
~Hobbies: Writing, reading, music, blogging, photography, pets, walking, travel.
~Addictions: Life, creative writing, reading, movies, music, cell phone.
~Sisters: 1 – Older Sister.
~Brothers: 2 – Younger Brother and Youngest Brother.


~Movie: “Badlands.”
~Song: I shan’t reveal that yet.
~Singer/Band: Neko Case, Queen, John Lennon, this list is endless.
~Color: Blue.
~Animal: All except bees.
~Actor: Nicolas Cage.
~Actress: Keira Knightley.
~Author: Tie between Sylvia Plath and Sarah Vowell.
~Photographer: Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.
~Drink: V8 V-Fusion Concord Grape Raspberry juice. Or water.
~Food: Don’t really have one.
~Car: A Nissan or a Toyota. At least, I’m thinking about getting one of those two cars.
~Season: Fall.
~Smell: Burning leaves.
~Location: My room. Or else anywhere with Johnny.
~Book: The Language of Goldfish by Zibby O’Neal.
~Place to eat: Either Naso’s or Leonardo’s.


~Movie: “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.”
~Song: “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”
~Singer/Band: Any boy bands or teenybopper crap.
~Color: Don’t really have a least favorite color. Perhaps hot pink, because it’s hard on my eyes.
~Animal: Bees.
~Actor: Unfortunately, Adam Sandler.
~Actress: Tie between Cameron Ditz and Jennifer Aniston. Ooo, and let’s not forget Gwyneth Paltrow.
~Author: Don’t have a least favorite author, but an overrated author would be that 50 Shades of Gray author. Is it bad that I don’t even know his/her name?
~Photographer: Don’t know.
~Drink: Anything with alcohol in it.
~Food: Don’t really have one.
~Car: Don’t know, though some family members have sworn off Chryslers.
~Season: Summer, unfortunately.
~Smell: Gasoline.
~Location: On an airplane, even though I know it’s safe and the best way to get around sometimes.
~Book: Innocence by Jane Mendelsohn.
~Place to eat: Most fast food places anymore.


~First boyfriend’s name: My only boyfriend has been Johnny, so that’s his name.
~First car you owned: Never owned a car before.
~Your first date: Yes – my and Johnny’s first official date was lunch at Perkins, and then trips to a Costco and an Asian market. It was really fun.
~Your high school’s name: Depends on where we were living at the given time. In freshman year, it was Edwardsville High School in Illinois. Sophomore and junior years were Waubonsie Valley High School in Illinois. Senior year was Kennedy High School in Iowa.
~Your biggest regret: There are two things I wish I had done differently, but I have no regrets.
~The first funeral you attended: Yes.
~The first wedding you attended: Yes, it was uncle Steven and aunt Tracie’s.
~The first movie you saw in theaters: Oh geez. “E.T.” is the first thing that pops into my mind.
~The first concert you went to: I’ve never been to an actual concert before. Been to several band concerts, and recently went to see Older Sister perform with her orchestra group (she plays cello), but not an actual rock concert.
~Your biggest let down: Nope.
~Your first pet: A guinea pig named Tinker. And Tinker was a good guinea pig.
~What you wanted to be when you grew up: A writer, always and for truly. Or else an actress, a singer, or a meteorologist.
~Your first big crush: Yes, that was Matt Wolf in seventh grade.


~Person you called: Mom at work.
~Food you ate: Pizza for dinner.
~Drink you drank: Diet Coke. I really shouldn’t have.
~Thing you did: Typed this questionnaire.
~Watched on TV: “The Big Bang Theory.”
~Movie you saw: In theaters was “Ex Machina.” With family was “Big Hero 6.” With Johnny was “Snow Cake.” By myself was “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”
~Person you kissed: Johnny.
~Book you read: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan.
~Time you danced: Johnny and I went swing dancing on Halloween.
~Time you cried: October 3 through 5, 2015.
~Person who made you cry: October 3 through 5, 2015.
~Person in your bed: In my bed? Me.
~Person who texted you: Johnny.
~Song you listened to: “Silver Bells” by Bing Crosby. Tis the season, after all, tee hee.
~Place you went: Work.


~Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi. There’s a funny story as to why I don’t prefer Coke.
~Winter or fall: Ugh! Those are my two favorite seasons! Don’t make me choose!
~Hot or cold: Cold.
~Red or blue: Blue.
~Morning or night: Night.
~Breakfast or dinner: Dinner.
~Gold or silver: Silver.
~Diamond or pearl: Neither, really. But if I had to choose, I’d choose pearl.
~Good or evil: Good.
~Wish or dream: Dream.
~Western or English: Uh? English?


~Kissed someone: Yes.
~Fought with family: Yes.
~Been arrested: No.
~Cried over spilled milk: Yes.
~Hated someone: Yes.
~Been in a fight: Not really.
~Laughed out loud at a movie: Yes.
~Broken a bone: No.
~Lied to someone: Yes, but not since then.
~Had your heart broken: Not really. Hopefully never will.
~Broken someone else’s heart: Hopefully not.
~Been out of the country: Yes.
~Had surgery: Yes.
~Skipped school: Thought about it, but no.
~Danced naked: No.
~Bungee jumped: No. Won’t, either.
~Skied or snowboarded: No and no.
~Sung in the shower: Yes.


~Tattoos: None, yet.
~Piercings: My ears are pierced twice.
~Car you drive: Not yet.
~Pets you own: I own one, but the family has six.
~Contacts or glasses: Glasses.
~Shoe size: It honestly depends on how the shoe fits; I alternate between three sizes.
~Lefty or righty: Lefty!
~Omnivore or vegetarian: Both.


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