Tune(s) for Tuesday – “The Nutcracker Suite”

So today’s Tune, or Tunes, for Tuesday is kind of a long one, or ones.

Every year at Christmas time, we would listen to this particular cassette tape of “The Nutcracker Suite.” It featured Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. And we kids loved it. It was a bright musical spot in the holidays. (This particular tape also featured Bernstein and the Philharmonic performing “Peter and the Wolf,” for your reference. I still have that tape.)

1) I gather this is not the entire ballet, merely a suite, so don’t go crazy. This comprises 8 selections of music. And, to be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never seen or heard the whole ballet. So definitely don’t go crazy.

2) This is, to me, the definitive version (or at least the definitive cliff notes version) of the ballet. I’ve heard other recordings, but I have a bias, I guess, to this particular recording. It’s because we heard it as kids. Go figure.

Now, on this Youtube video, the audio is sped up just a bit. I’ve been trying for a while to try to slow it down on my computer, but it just won’t work. So I will just leave it as it is. You’ll still get it. It’s beautiful and wonderful and festive.

Happy listening!


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