Friday Overheard Yet Read Funny

First of all, for the record, bacon jalapeno corn muffins – not a good idea. What’s the deal, cafeteria?!? It was surprisingly dense for a corn muffin. I maybe tried two bites of it before I threw it away, sorry. Tasted even worse because I thought mayo would go good with it. Ew! I mean, I guess there are some people that get food satisfaction from such a combination. Not me. Regular corn muffins (with butter) will do just fine, thank you.

Second, we’ve had quite the situation at home. Bo somehow got fleas! We’re still trying to figure that out! The general consensus is someone must have tracked something inside somehow. So it’s been clean city at the house, vacuuming and spraying and bathing and wiping down. We got a flea comb and we comb all five kitties twice a day, which is an adventure in and of itself (Nuala). The only cat who lucked out was Teag – we found nothing on Teag, not even flea dirt. Bo, Finn, Nuala, and Camille all had fleas, though not a lot, maybe one or two each. Must be something about Teag that the fleas don’t like. And of course, Jasper is clean, too; these are cat fleas, not dog fleas, so he’s in the clear.

Sheesh! Well, that’s the perils and pitfalls of owning cats.

Third, here’s the Friday Funny. One of my Facebook friends likes ‘The Best of Tumblr,’ and I’m pretty sure this is where I saw this, on her newsfeed. This isn’t verbatim, it’s paraphrased, but you’ll get the idea:

Overheard in Target: “My son loves that ‘Big Hero Six’ movie, but I’ve had a hard time finding the first five movies….”

tee hee. When you get it.


In other news, we’re in for the first major winter storm of the season. And the snow total keeps going up. Used to be 4 to 6 inches – now it’s 6 to 10 inches. And we’re in for cold temperatures and gusty winds.

Brilliant! And I mean that. I’ve missed snow.

Welcome to winter in Iowa!

Happy Friday!


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