A fun questionnaire

1. Are you ready for these questions?
~ Yes.

2. Do you watch college football?
~ No.

3. Who will fill this survey out after you?
~ Don’t know. But feel free.

4. Who was the last person to send you a text?
~ Johnny.

5. Do you love anyone?
~ My family, all of my family. Otherwise getting there.

6. What are you doing at the moment?
~ Nothing. Just answering this questionnaire.

7. Where was the last place you went shopping?
~ Wal-Mart.

8. How do you feel about your hair?
~ I like it most times. I hate it when it doesn’t cooperate, or when it frizzes from humidity.

9. Where do you work?
~ In the records department at a local insurance company.

10. Last thing you ate/drank?
~ Some ice cream to eat, and Calpico strawberry water to drink.

11. Do you wish you were someplace else right now?
~ With Johnny.

12. Do you have any pet peeves?
~ People standing/sitting right behind me and/or reading over my shoulder. It’s the writer in me.

13. Do you have any expensive jewelry?
~ No.

14. AIM or Yahoo?
~ Um, Google?

15. Do you like math?
~ Not in a million years.

16. How many hours on average do you work a week?
~ 40.

17. Favorite baseball team?
~ Chicago Cubs.

18. Favorite NBA team?
~ While I do not usually watch basketball, I’d have the say the Chicago Bulls.

19. Do you watch the Olympics?
~ Sometimes. Not in recent years, though.

20. Last restaurant you went to?
~ Wendy’s for dinner. It was all right.

21. Who was the last person to call you?
~ Johnny.

22. What’s your sign?
~ Capricorn.

23. Do you have a favorite number?
~ 5. Or 7. Or even 17.

24. Last time you did volunteer work or made any donations?
~ I donated to Especially For You and United Way recently.

25. What do you spend the majority of your money on?
~ Groceries.

26. Where does your family live?
~ Boy, we are so spread out! Mom, Youngest Brother, Older Sister, and I live right here in Iowa. Younger Brother lives in Georgia. Dad lives in Idaho. Most of the rest of my relatives live in Illinois, with the exception of my uncle Thomas who lives in California, my uncle Paul who lives in Utah, and my cousin Gina who lives in Florida. And then there are second cousins/distant relatives in places as various as Oregon, Virginia, Arizona, and New York City. So, yeah, we’re all over the place! Ha ha! Beware!

27. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
~ Yes, I have three siblings: Older Sister, Younger Brother, and Youngest Brother.

28. Ever been called a bitch?
~ Yes, back when I was being bullied.

29. Got any guilty pleasures?
~ Skittles. Chocolate on occasion. And certain movies, namely “Jawbreaker,” “Bring It On,” and the “Child’s Play” series (well, at least the original, the sequel, and “Bride of Chucky;” haven’t seen the third installment or any others after “Bride of Chucky”).

30. Do you drink beer?
~ Nope.

31. What’s your favorite color?
~ Blue.

32. Did you ever collect Beanie Babies?
~ No. I mean, I have one, an bear angel, but that’s the only Beanie Baby I own.

33. Ever bought anything online?
~ Often.

34. MySpace or Facebook?
~ Facebook.

35. Do you have T-Mobile?
~ Nope. Verizon. And I’m quite happy with it.

36. Do you sometimes wish you were someone else?
~ No. I’ve never really wished that.

37. Last time you saw your parents?
~ I see my mom every day, because I live with her. I last saw Dad over Labor Day weekend.

38. Do you have any talents?
~ I can play some guitar, some flute, some piano, and I can sing. I love to write. I can cry on command, to a certain degree.

39. Ever been in a wedding?
~ No. Unless you count the time I had to watch aunt Julie’s dress train at her wedding. Other than that, no.

40. Do you have any children?
~ Not yet.

41. Last movie you watched?
~ With family, “Home.” With Johnny, “The Crow.” In theaters, “Ex Machina.” By myself, “Laggies.”

42. Are you missing anyone at the moment?
~ Yes. Always.

43. Did you take a nap today?
~ Nope.

44. Ever been on a cruise?
~ No.

45. Do you have any wealthy friends?
~ I don’t think so.

46. Ever met anyone famous before?
~ Authors Sarah Vowell and Wally Lamb. They both gave readings via our public library. But I only screwed up the courage to ask Wally Lamb anything. And I’ve met Mick Foley briefly, just to get an autograph for Youngest Brother.

47. Favorite actor?
~ Nicolas Cage.

48. Favorite actress?
~ Keira Knightley.

49. Are you multi-tasking right now?
~ Not really. I’m listening to music as I type this.

50. Could you handle being in the military?
~ No, but I have nothing but respect for those who are or who were ever in the military. My cousin Gina is in the military. My uncles Thomas and Paul used to be in the military, too. And my grandparents were in the military, too.

51. Are you hungry or thirsty?
~ A little of both.

52. Favorite fast food restaurant?
~ Wendy’s.

53. What is your average cell phone bill?
~ $60.00

54. Do you own a camera phone?
~ Of course. All phones are camera phones nowadays, aren’t they?

55. Ever had to take a sobriety test?
~ No.

56. Do you believe in karma?
~ To an extent.

57. Can you speak any other languages?
~ No. I mean, I can speak French, but it’s very basic, very limited. I’d love to relearn French, and learn Russian and Chinese. And maybe German, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Also sign language. I love sign language, and need to learn it.

58. Last time you went to the gym or worked out?
~ Johnny and I went swimming and working out at the local Y a while ago. It was really fun! I need to start running again, too.

59. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
~ At present? Five.

60. Do you have a photo hosting site that you use?
~ No.

61. Favorite alcoholic drink?
~ Won’t drink alcohol. Much. I don’t have a favorite.

62. What is your college mascot?
~ Depends on what college you’re referring to. There’s the Hawkeyes, the Cyclones, the Panthers, and for the community college the Eagles.

63. Ever been to Las Vegas?
~ No. Not yet.

64. Have you ever been gambling?
~ No. Gambling is pointless.

65. How old are your parents?
~ Old enough.

66. When is the last time you updated your blog?
~ A couple days ago.

67. Do you have your wisdom teeth?
~ No. All five were removed.

68. Favorite place to be?
~ My room. Or else anywhere with Johnny.

69. Have you been to New York City?
~ No. Well, briefly. We had a layover in JFK Airport, so I was briefly in the city. Don’t remember much about it, other than the lights in the tunnel. It was cloudy when we got there, and dark when we left. I remember lots of lights.

70. Favorite sit-down restaurant?
~ Either Naso’s or Leonardo’s.

71. Ever been to Disney Land?
~ No.

72. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
~ Daria. Gir from “Invader Zim.” Garfield. The Boondocks crew.

73. Last thing you cooked?
~ That was smothered steak. It turned out good.

74. How is the weather today?
~ Cloudy, cool, supposed to rain.

75. Do you email?
~ Yes.

76. Last letter/piece of mail you received besides junk or a bill?
~ All I get anymore is junk or bills, so I can’t say.

77. Last missed call?
~ Some automated number. I didn’t answer it because I didn’t recognize the number.

78. Last voicemail you received?
~ From my doctor’s office, asking me to call back for the results of my MRI scan. All was well. And that was a couple weeks ago, so.

79. Do you drunk dial/text?
~ No, because I will never ever be drunk.

80. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
~ Dropped it. Three times in a row. Butterfingers, I am.

81. What is the best city in the state that you live in?
~ Hmm. Iowa City seems to be where everything is at. But I like my city, too.

82. Are you bored right now?
~ A little.

83. Last concert you went to?
~ I’ve never been to a concert.

84. What do you think about before you go to bed?
~ What the future holds.

85. What are your plans for tomorrow?
~ Wake up, shower, go to work, then hang out with Johnny after work, then go home and crash and sleep to start again on Friday. Same old.


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