100 fun questions

1. Say something good that happened to you today:
~ Johnny called me.

2. What is your general philosophy of life?
~ “Look down the road.” Thank you, Calvin and Hobbes.


3. What is the worst thing you have lived through?
~ A suicide attempt.

4. How old is your inner child?
~ Constantly fluctuating in age. Depends on the situation, I guess. Like, in the presence of Nana, I’m a stumbling 10-year-old again; while at work, I’m present and feeling my own age. My inner ego state, though, is a 12-year-old girl named Sarah. Meh, it’s a therapy thing. Google ‘ego state’ on your own time.


5. Do you believe in a higher power and, if so, what name do you give it?
~ God.

6. Are you allergic to anything and, if so, what?
~ I believe I am slightly allergic to bee stings. And I think I am starting to develop typical seasonal allergies.

7. Write a haiku on the spot (5-7-5):
~ I woke up today
Put both feet on the ground and
Felt good about it.

8. Favorite animal?
~ I like all animals, really. But if I had to choose, I’d choose cat.

9. Favorite USMB forum?
~ Huh? What is USMB?

10. Coffee, tea, or soda – how do you get your caffeine fix?
~ Either soda or tea, though I’m really trying to break the caffeine habit altogether.

11. Idealist or realist?
~ A bit of both, depending on the situation.

ocean trees desert bridges opposing force good vs evil opposite 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_10

12. Are you lucky or unlucky?
~ Again, a bit of both, depending on the situation.


13. How much do you normally tip?
~ 20%.

14. Last time you got sick?
~ Well, the last time I ever threw up was about 11 years ago, but the last time I was really sick was in March 2013, and I had a really bad cold then.

15. Favorite word or phrase to use when cussing someone out?
~ I have greatly curbed my swearing. I don’t use bad words anymore, but if I’m really worked up, I’m sure the f-word would make its way in there somewhere.

16. Best movie made before 1970?
~ I haven’t seen them all, so either “Citizen Kane” or “Casablanca.”

17. After 1970?
~ “Badlands.”

18. Within the past five years?
~ Don’t know with any degree of certainty.

19. What is your quest?
~ I seek the Holy Grail!


Just kidding. To be a writer.

20. Favorite TV drama?
~ Don’t watch a lot of television, but I do like “Once Upon a Time.”

21. Favorite sitcom?
~ Don’t have one, though “The Big Bang Theory” has grown on me.

22. Favorite reality show?
~ Really don’t have one. I used to like “America’s Next Top Model,” but I grew out of that.

23. Favorite game show?
~ Don’t watch any.

24. Favorite talk show?
~ Don’t watch any.

25. A quote that sticks in your head:

26. Favorite toy as a child?
~ I had three: Samantha, Chips, and Carrie.

27. Last thing you made with your own hands?
~ Dinner. Soup with rice. It turned out good.

28. Last fight you got into?
~ That was back when I was being bullied, so many many years ago. I didn’t really get into a fight per se – I merely slapped a boy who was trying to hit me back. And he ran away after I slapped him, so.

29. Last time you were hospitalized?
~ Back when I attempted suicide.

30. Favorite kind of flower?
~ Carnation.


31. Are you now, or have you ever been, a communist?
~ No. That was before my time, anyway. I mean, the quote-unquote worst of it, anyway. I know it still exists today.

32. Favorite word?
~ “Write.”

33. Last thing you picked up off the ground?
~ I found an interesting rainbow-colored flower on the floor of the pharmacy where I go to. I’ll post a picture of it soon, because it’s very interesting, and it’s made of a heavy vinyl material.

34. Favorite book as a child?
~ Danny and the Dinosaur.


35. Favorite book as a juvenile?
~ The Language of Goldfish by Zibby O’Neal.


36. Favorite book as an adult?
~ Still The Language of Goldfish, but I’m a big fan of anything written by Sylvia Plath or Sarah Vowell.

37. Last time you flipped someone the bird?
~ On purpose? One of my siblings, because they made a bad pun that I wish I’d made first.

38. Do you have any siblings and, if so, how many?
~ Three: Older Sister, Younger Brother, and Youngest Brother.

39. Make ______, not war:
~ Friends.

40. Favorite singer?
~ This list is endless. You’ll really have to be more specific.

41. Favorite songwriter?
~ Again, this list is endless, but Neko Case and Laura Nyro are two favorites.



42. Favorite performer?
~ Once again, this list is endless.

43. Surprise parties: yes or no? Why or why not?
~ No. Simply because I prefer to be in on a surprise.

44. Where do you get your news from?
~ Either TV, the paper, or social media nowadays.

45. If you had to challenge someone to a duel of some kind, what would your weapon of choice be?
~ Egad. A dagger. But I hope it never comes to that.

46. Favorite kind of soup?
~ Chicken noodle or minestrone.

47. What, if any, parts of your body do you shave, wax, or otherwise remove hair from?
~ Hey! That’s personal!

48. What is happiness to you?
~ Happiness is love. And, yes, that makes sense.

49. Least favorite household chore?
~ Either mowing the lawn or shoveling snow. But I’ll do both.

50. Favorite thing to do on a cold and rainy night?
~ Curl up under a blanket and listen to the rain.

51. Peter Pan or Captain Hook: which is cooler?
~ Peter Pan because he can fly. I’ll probably change my mind when we get to the relevant episodes of “Once Upon a Time,” though, or so I gather.


52. Have you ever written/carved/etc.?
~ What, exactly? You mean artistically? I love to write. I wish I could carve or paint or sculpt or quilt or anything like that. Wish I could crochet, but I’m left-handed and I was told being a left-hander was not conducive to learning how to crochet.

53. Favorite mythology?
~ That thunderstorms are God and the angels and saints bowling up in heaven. Hey, that’s a childhood mythology that Nana and aunt Ellen told us kids.

54. Favorite magazine?
~ Parade in the Sunday papers. I don’t read magazines anymore.

55. Law & Order: original, SVU, or Criminal Intent?
~ The original.

56. Worst pickup line ever used on you?
~ “If I laid out some cheese, I bet I could get a mouse to fall into my trap.” Yeah, but it ended up being sorta funny in hindsight.

57. Best job you ever had?
~ The one I’m currently at.

58. What do you know how to fix?
~ Not a whole heckuva lot.

59. Favorite place to go in the town you live?
~ Used to be the library. Now I love going everywhere, because of Johnny.

60. Favorite munchie?
~ Candy = Skittles. Potato chip = Pringles. And pretzels are always good.

61. Movie with the best one-liners?
~ I don’t know. Those aren’t my kind of movies.

62. How do you groom your nails?
~ I clip them every once in a while. You’d never know I used to bite them.


63. Last pity party you held for yourself?
~ September 2014.

64. Last post-it note written?
~ It had information about something I needed to make a change on at work. I daren’t post what it was verbatim, because I’m sure that’s sensitive information.

65. If you could go back in time to a specific place and era, when and where would it be?
~ Sometime so I could be born to live through the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

66. How much money do you have in cash right now?
~ Thirty cents.

67. What’s the best joke you know how to tell?
~ I really don’t. Not saying I don’t have a sense of humor, but others tell jokes way better than I do.

68. Last gift you gave someone?
~ I got my mother a madonna figurine from the State Fair.

69. [Write your own question here. Now answer it.]
~ “If time flies, why can’t people?” “I dunno – maybe people are just too heavy.” “Wow, that’s a depressing answer.” “I know, but it’s true.”


70. Favorite superhero?
~ Batman. Thanks, Dad.

71. What songs do you know all the lyrics to by heart?
~ Most of them.

72. What did you buy on your last trip to the store?
~ Groceries.

73. Worst habit?
~ Picking dead skin from my lips and around my nails.

74. Last thing you quit?
~ Hmm. One particular job, but on amicable terms.

75. WB: too cheesy for its own good, or just cheesy enough?
~ I wouldn’t know. I don’t watch that network.

76. Pet peeve?
~ People standing/sitting right behind me and/or reading over my shoulder. It’s the writer in me.


77. What do you grab to drink when you’re hot, sweaty, and thirsty?
~ Either water or lemonade.

78. Do you wear a watch?
~ Off and on. It’s a cool watch, too. Well, anyway, I like it.

79. What were you doing before you started taking this survey?
~ Nothing, really.

80. What do you wish you were doing instead of taking this survey?
~ Spending time with Johnny.

81. What’s preventing you from doing that?
~ Well, he had a long day at work, and needs his rest, too.

82. What are your plans for the rest of the day?
~ Sleep. That’s about it.

83. Have you ever been arrested?
~ No.

84. Favorite kind of poetry?
~ Any kind, really. You’d probably get more information out of me if you asked me what kind of poetry I didn’t like. To which I would reply either Alan Ginsberg or Shel Silverstein.

85. Favorite kind of music?
~ I love all kinds of music.

86. How many different kinds of solitaire do you know how to play?
~ There’s more than one?

87. What are you a member of?
~ Society.

88. Do you like green eggs and ham?
~ Yes, Sam I Am.


89. Is the glass half-empty or half-full?
~ It’s there.

90. Who is the wind beneath your wings?
~ Johnny.

91. Favorite John Hughes film?
~ I don’t know. I haven’t ever seen one of his films.

92. Would you follow the white rabbit down the hole?
~ You bet!

93. What classes have you failed in your lifetime?
~ Government. But, to be fair, it was a form of protest on my part. I’d already taken a government class (called civics) as a freshman in Illinois, and I didn’t see why I had to take the same class again as a senior in Iowa. It was the same dratted class, even though it was different states! But I wouldn’t be able to graduate unless I took it, so I buckled down and passed the second time.

94. Favorite comedian?
~ Gilda Radner.


95. Monkeys: funny, yes?
~ I guess.

96. Favorite Beatles song?
~ “Across the Universe.”

97. Walk, bike, ride, or drive?
~ In this order: ride, walk, bike, drive.

98. Do you take vitamins and, if so, which ones?
~ Yes, I take those Alive gummy multivitamins. I did once take vitamins in pill form, but I was starting to choke on those, so I take gummy vitamins now.

99. Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse?
~ Bugs Bunny.


100. What do you want on your tombstone?
~ Veggies. tee hee. But seriously, isn’t that for someone else to decide?


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