One drink (to rule them all)….

So this weekend, I broke my self-imposed rule of never drinking alcohol.

Hear me out.

It was a trying weekend. We spent the weekend in Illinois with much of the family, and just came back today, a couple hours ago as a matter of fact.

Yes, it was a trying weekend. And no, I will not tell you why.

Saturday night, some of my cousins and I went to the small town bar for drinks. It was me and my cousins Gina, Melissa, Erin, Audrey, Brian, and Ben. No one else came with us. And we are all of age, just so you know.

All my cousins got alcoholic beverages. And, to stand in solidarity for the purpose of our toast, so did I. I got a simple Sprite and vodka tonic (thank you, Johnny). Because, you know, I’ve heard said it’s bad luck or bad karma to toast with just water.

I will say that drink went right to my head, and I didn’t like how dizzy it made me feel. I’d probably be one of those people who couldn’t hold her liquor to save her life, so I don’t intend to ever drink again. Or, at least, not mass quantities at once.

But I did it. Drank it.

And I’m proud I did it and drank it. Because it was for good reason.

So, you know, that was a bright spot of this weekend.

I love my family so much.



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