Friday “Peter’s Donuts” Funny

Okay, we were warped children. This album was a favorite of ours. As children!

Warped, I tell you.

The McKenzie Brothers were Bob and Doug, played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, respectively. They made their comedy debut on SCTV, and were big hits. They even spawned their own movie, “Strange Brew,” which has become a cult classic, or so I gather; II’ve never seen it.

This album had great skits on it. “The Beer Hunter,” “Elron McKenzie,” “Ralph the Dog,” and the hit holiday song “Twelve Days of Christmas.” This album also produced the hit single “Take Off” featuring Geddy Lee from Rush. Brilliant!

And just remember, the album is in stereo. So that means Bob is in one ear, and Doug is in the other. Just an FYI. Both of your speakers need to work to listen to this.

So, you know, go order this CD or download it from somewhere, because it’s classic.

This sketch features a great discussion on metrics, and a police intervention. “Hey, cops, want donuts?!” It’s just so funny.

You hosers! 🙂

From their 1981 comedy album, this is the McKenzie Brothers, Bob and Doug, with “Peter’s Donuts.”

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!


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