The tidbit post

This is the post I’ve been promising you, so.

~ So, as of this past Friday, Elvie is no longer with us in records. She accepted another position within the company, and will be in a different building now. I shall miss her – she was funny and honest, not to mention incredibly helpful. We all will miss her, but we’ll see her on occasion, I know. I’ll be busy now, because I am now the expert in mail and bank statements and certain aspects of scanning. Oy. But I’m up to the responsibility, so.

~ I am taking part in a new fitness ‘program’ at work. It’s called the National Parks Tour, and it’s only five weeks. So far, we’ve ‘visited’ the Great Smoky Mountains and the Hot Springs National Park. Each week comprises of different cardio, nutrition, and stress management exercises that we have to complete. This week’s challenge, for example, is based on the Mesa Verde National Park. For our cardio challenge, we’re supposed to focus on stair stepping; for our nutrition challenge, we’re supposed to eat organic for 2 meals (not 2 meals a day, but just 2 meals throughout the week); for our stress management exercise, we can either watch a sunrise or listen to music, or there were a couple other options but I can’t remember what those options are off the top of my head. We will document our progress on a spreadsheet, and turn the spreadsheet in for the appropriate week to be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Cool, huh? It’s been helpful, and easier than the Couch to 5K program was. But I intend to take up running the Couch to 5K program again once the weather gets a bit more cooler.

~ Bo and Finn have adjusted well to our household. They basically have full run of the downstairs now. They chunked up good, too, which is good – both of them initially weighed just a pound each, but now they’re both about a pound and a half, and they both look fuller, less scrawny. You know? We love them to death. Jasper and Teag get along with them just fine. Camille and Nuala both will hiss at the kitties, but they both just walk away after making their point. So. Drama-free. Bo and Finn are already both litter-trained, which was pretty easy to do, actually. Yeah. We have a knack for litter-training cats, we’ve found.

~ Camille has not been doing too well. She was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. She’s just getting older, and slowing down. She’s sleeping a lot more throughout the day. For now, though, she’s doing all right. She pees wherever she wants to, though, not always in the litter box. But at least it’s where we can easily clean it up, and there’s no staining or anything, so. I mean, I feel bad for her, because it also seems like she might be in pain, but it’s hard to say, because she can’t tell us really how she feels. Eventually, the day will come. Harsh as this may sound, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ But Camille is a real sweetie, and we shall keep her as long as we can. You know?

~ Johnny and I are still together, and still going strong. I might have mentioned that one of our conversations caused me to cry; long story, that. But that cleared a lot of things up, and I hope that things are better between us. They seem to be. I so enjoy his company, and he is kind and good and smart and funny, and he’s understanding, so understanding. And very supportive (see below). So we’ve got a busy couple weekends planned for the next few weekends. Which is good. Yesterday, we went to Lake Macbride, and rented a paddle boat for an hour. It was amazing! Except for Johnny falling into the lake – that was an accident; I still feel bad about not being able to grab hold of him before he lost his footing. I love Lake Macbride, and I love Johnny’s spontaneity – we were originally just going to go hang out at his place, but he suggested Lake Macbride, and I said sure. Good thing I did. It was amazing, very relaxing, as well as a good workout paddling. We’ve kayaked there before, too. I’d do it again, for certain.

~ Is there a doctor in the house? Lately, I’ve been having some strange symptoms. Queasiness comes and goes, dizziness comes and goes, I have a headache that just won’t quit, I feel pain and what feels like swelling in my lower extremities (especially my feet) that gets worse as the day goes on, and I feel like I have a rash on the back of my legs and my butt. There is also a bit of constipation involved, but that might be TMI. But, and this is also TMI, I know I am not pregnant, because I just finished up my period. So. I’m thinking it might be a UTI perhaps, but I went to a doctor at the urgent care clinic, and they ruled out a UTI. So I don’t know what it is. So I’m going to see Dr. A within the week, to get this mystery cleared up.

~ What would you all think about my becoming a counselor? I am giving serious thought to going back to school, not this coming school year but with the fall 2016 semester. I would focus on English/creative writing, of course, but perhaps either double-majoring or minoring in counseling. Well, I’ve been thinking about it since This Is My Brave, and what my aunt Mary told me, about I’d be good at counseling. I’m really not the best with advice, but maybe I can become better if I took classes. What do you think? Do you think I’m capable of it? I just, I guess I just need reassurance. Johnny has already pledged his support of me, which makes me all the more gung-ho to go out and grab it. What do you think?

So. That’s what’s been going on. I know, it’s a lot.


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