Poem offering #13 – “Campbell’s”

A combination headache/slight toothache, plus the humidity, is keeping me awake. I have taken Tylenol for the pain. The humidity….well, nothing will get that to go away, except maybe autumn.

In any case, I shall try to get some sleep soon.

For now, I thought I’d share with you a poem I wrote many years ago.

Bonus points all around if you can guess what this poem is about. (Not like it’s hard….)



Blue and white
Porcelain-bowl sky
People stenciled in
For good measure

Health, happiness,
And farming
Everyone’s cooking nowadays
Everyone’s “hot”
Racing their own clocks

With a beep
I look up
Words crammed in my mouth
Squish against my teeth
Scald my tongue
I slurp them back

My world
What good is it
My dented tin spoon
Slowly fills and sinks
Its lip out of sight
In that aging, yellowed sea

(c) Mouse, 9/23/2003


Did you get what it was about?

Kudos if you did.

I won’t tell just yet. Have a go in the Comments section, if you’re so inclined.



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