Little Blue, ? – 2015

Little Blue died last night.

He was a good bird. He was the one who didn’t mind getting showers, so we would spritz him and he would primp and preen. He did that a lot – primp and preen.

He also sang. Well, chirped a lot. Mali sang, but Little Blue chirped a lot. And sometimes, he knew just when to chirp, whether to emphasize a point (as it were) or to fill an awkward silence.

The reason we named him Little Blue….well, originally his name was going to be Azul, which is Spanish for ‘blue,’ like Eduardo on “Foster’s” always called Bloo. But I didn’t really like that. And every time I looked at Little Blue, I couldn’t stop thinking about that turtle from “Finding Nemo,” and Little Blue is what he called Dory. So Little Blue stuck.

So. That’s why.

I shall miss Little Blue.



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