Unique 8 Section Quiz

Sorry for overdoing it on all the questionnaires. But I’ve found they help people get to know me.

If you want to do these questionnaires on your own blog, by all means, go ahead. And let me know if you do – I’d love to see other answers.



1. Name a commercial that reminds you of being a kid.
~ “‘Log’ from Blammo,” which is a completely fictional commercial, courtesy of Ren and Stimpy. I love that segment – takes me right back. Yes, we watched “Ren and Stimpy.” We were warped little buggers!

This is “Log” – sorry the quality is bad, but you’ll get the gist. (Many thanks to Youtube user soccer2fun1266 for the video.)

2. Do you ever ask for paper in plastic at the grocery store?
~ Uh, no. How stupid would that be? Paper in plastic?

3. What is the last state you were in besides your own?
~ Illinois, for a visit.

4. Name a city in your own state that you have never been to.
~ Des Moines. I’ve been close – I’ve been to Altoona, Ankeny, and Johnston, but I have never been in Des Moines.

5. What’s the best “mountain” at Walt Disney World?
~ I wouldn’t know – I’ve never been there.

6. Do you ever speak in Ebonics?
~ No.

7. Explain why you said yes or no to the last question.
~ Because I can’t do it justice. Simple as that.

8. Who is the very funniest comedian ever?
~ Well, the late Robin Williams, of course. Which is odd for me to say, because I was never a fan of his (likes repel, I think; long story). But I recognize the power he had to make people laugh, and therefore he is the funniest there has ever been.

9. What hospital in your area would you most recommend for good treatment?
~ Mercy Medical Center.

10. What two breeds of dog do you think would make a really great puppy?
~ I don’t know. A Yorkie and a Bishon Frese, perhaps. Or else a dog like Norbert the Therapy Dog, a cross between a Chihuahua, a Lhasa Apso, and a Cairn Terrier. Norbert is so cute!


11. Are themed parties overrated?
~ I suppose that depends on the theme of the party. But then, I’ve only ever been to Halloween parties, so I don’t know.

12. What section of the library do you find most interesting?
~ Psychology.

13. What mall is closest to your home?
~ Lindale.

14. The last road trip you took was from where to where?
~ Home here in Iowa to visit relatives in Illinois.

15. Are home aquariums more trouble than they’re worth?
~ Those really huge ones, yes. Smaller ones, for like one or two fish, no, not a problem.

16. Who cleans your carpets?
~ We do. With a vacuum.

17. If you add together all the numbers in your birthdate (month, day, year), what number do you get?
~ That’d be too easy to decipher, so I won’t do it.

18. Do you know anyone who has had plastic surgery?
~ No.

19. Who is the best person you’ve ever “met” online?
~ My boyfriend Johnny.

20. What is the best local restaurant in your area?
~ Hard to say, because I haven’t been to all of them. I like Naso’s and Leonardo’s.


21. Do you have a landline? If not, do you wish you did?
~ We do have a landline; all the better for when the power goes out – that way, we can still get calls.

22. Were you ever on the roof of the World Trade Center?
~ No.

23. Have you ever been on the Maid Of The Mist?
~ What is “Maid of the Mist”?….*does a quick Google search*….oooh, no, but that would be cool!

24. Do Coke and Pepsi really taste different to you?
~ Yes. Coke is much more tart and robust. Pepsi is lighter.

25. If you could knock down one structure in your town, what would it be?
~ Uh, I don’t know.

26. Name a street in your town that begins with the letter “C”.
~ Collins.

27. Describe your elementary school in 10 words or less.
~ It all depends on where we were at the time.

28. What is the last musical you saw?
~ In an actual theater was “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” starring Donny Osmond, but that was many many years ago. On TV was “Cats,” on the PBS station; it wasn’t Betty Buckley as Grizabella, but Elaine Paige, which I guess I didn’t mind. On a DVD, of course, was “Jesus Christ Superstar,” the 1973 version. I need to watch “Sweeney Todd” next (the Johnny Depp one).

29. Who is the most versatile actor ever?
~ Nicolas Cage. Do not laugh at me!

30. Do you own any vinyl records?
~ Yes, but they’re probably warped beyond playing capability; they’ve been in the garage for years.


31. Would you go down to see the Titanic if given the chance?
~ No. I’m too scared of some catastrophic pressure failure.

32. What is the greatest kids’ show ever and why?
~ Ooh. Tough one. “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.” It’s great for kids and adults both; while there are adult jokes, they aren’t dumbed down for kids at all. If that makes sense. I know this question is probably looking for an answer like Sesame Street or Reading Rainbow, but I’d have to say “Foster’s.”

33. Name a relative who has a first name beginning with the letter “N”.
~ Nana, of course.

34. You have one minute to grab everything you can in a supermarket – what do you grab?
~ It depends on how well I know the supermarket.

35. The best album ever made is ______ because _________.
~ I can’t choose just one! I really can’t.

36. The worst love song ever made is _______ because __________.
~ Hmm. I haven’t heard every love song, so I can’t really say for certain which I think is the worst.

37. Do you love cats?
~ You betcha!

38. Who is the best cartoon cat?
~ Garfield.

39. If you could rename Bart Simpson, what first name would you give him?
~ Hmm. I wouldn’t – Bart suits him.

40. Have you ever seen the Hollywood sign in real life?
~ No.


41. Do you ever nap and wake up and forget what day it is?
~ No.

42. What’s the name of the cemetery closest to your home?
~ Cedar Memorial.

43. What ocean is the most alluring to you?
~ Any ocean would be alluring to me, having never seen an ocean up close before.

44. Have you ever driven through rural South Carolina?
~ No, but I bet that would be a great trip.

45. Did you ever see a scorpion in the wild?
~ No.

46. The very best heavy metal band ever is ______ because _______.
~ Metallica. Just because.

47. The sappiest band ever is ______ because _________.
~ Any boy band. Because they’re just terrible! And do their lyrics really mean anything? No, because they’re not written by the boy bands – they’re written by middle-aged people just cashing in and looking for the next great pop song! Sorry to be so critical, but I’ve never been a boy band fan.

48. If you could have any candy right now, it would be what?
~ Skittles, no question.

49. Do you like the taste of beer?
~ I’ve never even tried beer before. However, I recently accidentally took a gulp of a Sprite and vodka tonic. It burned. I didn’t like it.

50. Why do people say that Chinese food often contains cat?
~ Oh! I don’t know! That’s horrible, for people to say that! Why would people say that? I’ve never heard that before!


51. Who is the best cartoon dog ever?
~ It’s a tie between Snoopy and Odie.

52. Do you wake up easily in the morning?
~ No. I am not not a morning person, but it takes me a good hour from the time my alarm wakes me up til I’m actually getting out of bed.

53. What time do you have to wake up tomorrow?
~ Before 6, so I can jump in the shower.

54. Do you think alarm clocks ringing could cause heart attacks in some people?
~ No. I mean, I guess it could happen, but I’ve never heard of it happening, so….

55. What is the best soap opera ever?
~ I don’t watch soap operas. Never have.

56. If you were a donut, what kind would you be? Why?
~ I’d be a Hertz donut. tee hee. I’m not telling you why.


57. Name your earliest mamory.
~ Egad. This question again. I have so many memories vying for ‘earliest,’ that I honestly can’t pinpont which is the earliest.

58. What is the newest thing you’ve learned?
~ That Jessica Alba is the founder of that Honest baby line. Older Sister didn’t know that, either. Good on Jessica Alba.

59. Did you ever have to clean erasers in school?
~ Yup! Clapped them together!

60. Have you ever hallucinated something?
~ It’s hard to say. No, hear me out. I’m sure I have, but I honestly can’t remember if I thought it was just a hallucination or whether I actually believed what I was seeing. You know?

61. Do you type the proper way? Have you ever typed on a manual typewriter?
~ Yes, I type the proper way – fingertips on asdf jkl;. It hasn’t failed me yet, and I can type upwards of about, oh, 80 to 90 words per minute, when I get in the groove. And, yes, a manual typewriter is how I learned to type. So.

62. Do you know shorthand?
~ No.

63. Who are better neighbors? Canada or Mexico?
~ I would say Canada. No offense to Mexico.

64. Are you deeply religious?
~ Not deeply. Religion is important to me, just not as important as it once was.


65. Name a state you have never been to, but would like to go to.
~ Vermont or Maine, in the fall, just to see the foliage.

66. Name a state you have been to, but don’t care if you ever go to again.
~ I don’t have one yet. They’ve all been good.

67. Do you think George W. Bush would be a nice neighbor?
~ Well, he wasn’t a good ‘neighbor’ while in the White House.

68. What is the last board game you played?
~ Long time ago, I played Monopoly with family.

69. Do you drink energy drinks? If yes, what kind?
~ No. I tried Red Bull once – that was like drinking liquid jelly beans. And not in a good way.

70. What is the name of the bar closest to your home?
~ A bar? I don’t know. The Starlite Room, which is a burger joint/bar. That’s the only one I can think of.

71. What was your maternal grandmother’s first name?
~ Nana. By the way, my Nana is still alive, so.

72. What was your house number when you were 5?
~ Can’t remember. It was in a cul-de-sac known as Woodington Place, in Georgia.

73. Name a word that people use locally that outsiders probably can’t pronounce.
~ Huh. There are several, all county or city names. Sigourney. Louisa. Tripoli. Sure, those look easy to pronounce, but just try. I mention them because they are commonly mispronounced. And in our neck of the woods, it’s popularly called ‘pop’ as opposed to ‘soda.’ Drives me and Mom crazy, that.

74. Describe your world in 5 words.
~ Unconventional, happy, weird, settled, vast.

75. Was this a pretty unique survey?
~ Sure, it was pretty cool!

Have fun!


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