Memorial Day weekend

First of all, as they say, the US is “the land of the free because of the brave.” Happy Memorial Day to all who have served, in whatever capacity, be it on the front lines or on the home front. Your service to our country is immeasurable, and know that we thank you immensely.


Second, this may look like an ordinary innocuous binder….


….but it’s not. Ha ha!


The Book is complete! I have orders from a lot of family and friends, and some copies have already been distributed. Some more will be distributed this weekend. I still have a PDF of The Book, and will figure out what to do with that next week.

Finally, a late Funny. Thank you, Youngest Brother, for finding this, and posting it to my Facebook and making me laugh. Patrick is one of my favorite characters from “Spongebob,” in that he is, well, stupid. But funny stupid. And Bill Fagerbakke voices Patrick to perfection. While some great moments are missing (and, really, you can’t include them all; Patrick needs some mystique – and I cannot believe I just said that with a straight face), my favorite moment has to be from the “Frankendoodle” episode, featured here at about 6:20. Just so random!

Many thanks to Youtube user King of Scrubs for uploading.

Enjoy! And have a happy long weekend!


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