Temporary (tattoo) fix

Posting this now, just to remember it, because it’s all mostly sluffed off now.

I applied a temporary tattoo to the inside of my right wrist. It was a snowflake from a “Frozen” inspired temporary tattoo set.

Yes, just a subtle reminder to “Let It Go.” tee hee.

frozen temp tattoo

It was pretty while it lasted.

I’ve also got one on my left foot that has lasted a lot longer, and I hope it’ll last a long while. Only I don’t have a picture of that one for you. It’s from the same tattoo set, and similarly pretty. So. Use your imagination.


One thought on “Temporary (tattoo) fix

  1. For a moment there….I thought…..well, it would be ok anyway….But, you know, it would be quite a thing to do! x

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