Me. Singing. (A sort of Tune for Tuesday, late edition)

Okay. So. This past Saturday, there was a recital of some of Cindy’s students, myself included. Cindy doesn’t just teach voice – she also teaches piano and various other instruments, like flute and trumpet. And Cindy is a really good teacher.

Cindy had said that singing is probably one of the hardest musical instruments to learn. Because a guitar is an extension of oneself. A flute is an extension of oneself. A voice is a self. You see?

Since Johnny couldn’t attend the recital (even though he really wanted to!), I had Older Sister videotape my performance for him to see later.

And then I thought I’d just go ahead and share it here on the blog.

I’m a bit outside my comfort zone with this post – I don’t want to seem self-centered or self-congratulatory or anything, so I still don’t know if I wanted to share this post, even as I pushed “Publish.”

But, you know, here it is.

For whatever reason, I got nervous about halfway through the song – and you can tell. I have a death grip on the microphone so I don’t drop it, but mostly I was worried about causing screechy feedback with my voice (which, thankfully, didn’t happen). The reason I’m looking down the whole time is because I’m consulting my lyrics sheet, so I wouldn’t forget the words. Also, all the shifting I do – I was trying to find a comfortable stance to sing. Didn’t quite achieve it, but I got through the song. And how d’ya like my Eponine-inspired outfit? No? That’s okay, me neither, only I didn’t think that until after I watched the video and thought ‘My gosh, I look awful!’ Didn’t plan well for that, did I? Oh well, c’est la vie. At least I was semi-comfortable.

Sorry. Am I being too harsh?

As a bonus, Cindy told me tonight that one of the audience members who remembered me from the last recital (when I sang “Memory”) said I did better at this recital than I did at the last one. Success! I was banking on that, actually; it felt better singing this time around, aside from the sudden onset of nerves. So.

Here I am, Mouse, singing “On My Own” from “Les Miserables.” I hope you enjoy it.


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