Tune for Thursday – Anna Nalick, “Breathe (2 AM)”

You know how you think you have a song figured out, and then all of a sudden one day (or night), the meaning shifts and it becomes something either deeper or not?

I had that moment with this song last night. Up until last night, I had thought it was just a pretty song. Yesterday, the meaning shifted to something deeper. Something profound. I don’t quite know how to describe it, but it took on much more meaning than before.

I’ll never listen to this song the same way again.

From her 2005 debut album “Wreck of the Day,” this is Anna Nalick with “Breathe (2 AM).”

In case the MP3 player doesn’t work (and I’ve noticed it disappears, so sorry for that), here’s an acoustic performance of the same song.

Happy listening!


One thought on “Tune for Thursday – Anna Nalick, “Breathe (2 AM)”

  1. Ah, you are such a folkie….well, there is always something sweet in the way of love and sadness for me when I visit you. And I guess you are right as well – there is something to it, yes, there is. Cradle your head and let him breathe, indeed. x

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