So yesterday was my audition for This Is My Brave.

Boy, was I nervous.

It’s sort of hard to share my story, because of the stigma involved. (Although my rallying cry within is “Down with the stigma!”)

So I was nervous.

But my mom drove me there, and we found the place all right, and I found Meeting Room A just fine. The audience was only two people, the two producers of the Iowa City show, one of which I’d been emailing back and forth. Both of them were very personable and approachable.

But seeing as how past auditions for shows in high school and college turned into complete disasters, I wasn’t really very confident in my abilities to successfully succeed. (Yes, I’ve auditioned for parts in school musicals before; my downfall was I couldn’t dance, so.) So I fell victim to my nerves, and I rushed through my piece, with my nervous high helium Minnie Mouse voice and fidgety appearance because I was trying not to shake where I stood.

But I apparently nailed it.

Brook and Julie applauded me. They loved it! They said it was really good, very strong, very true. They said I was a good writer, and how could I have written that while feeling as down as I did. (Actually, I’ve written some of my best pieces while feeling incredibly down, so it wasn’t that difficult.) The only complaint they had was that I rushed through it, and they had me read the first four paragraphs again, taking it slower to see about getting better pacing. And it was better.

They then asked me to provide a phone number and mailing address, and asked me a couple questions, and then I was on my way.

Nailed it! Mom and I stopped at McDonald’s for celebratory fries and drinks afterwards.

I’ll find out on Wednesday if I made the cut or not. I’m really hoping I make it, because it would be the first step, for me, in sharing my story.

I would like to have my family and Johnny come to the show, if I make the show, and perhaps video tape it for me. For posterity, I guess. This is provided I get in, mind. It would be cool.

*SIGH* A girl can dream. I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow is my first appointment with my new Dr. S. Yes, my new therapist’s last name begins with an ‘S’ as well. Although I might rename him in my Cast of Characters. Dr S Version 2, perhaps. We’ll see how it goes.


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