A strange day

It was a strange day today, if you couldn’t tell by the title of this post.

One thing that wasn’t so strange? The cold. Egad, was it cold. I’m not one to complain, but it was cold! Well, February. Dead of winter in Iowa. What do you expect?


First of all, I got a call from Dr. S’s office today. Dr. S had had surgery of some kind yesterday; I remember because he told me so.

Dr. S’s office was calling to inform me that Dr. S would not be returning to the practice after his convalescence.

Immediately, the question I should have asked popped into my mind: “Did he die?”

Instead, I was like, “He’s not coming back at all?”

Dr. S’s office got me set up with a new therapist, who I go to see first thing on Monday morning.


I am hoping for the best, in that Dr. S was perhaps going to have a difficult recovery from surgery, and he simply decided to retire and live out the rest of his days in comfort.

It would royally be horrible if he’d passed away. Because I liked Dr. S. We got along very well.

I’m hoping I develop a good rapport with this new therapist. Because I really don’t want to be turned off of talk therapy, again. It’s helped, immensely, and I would like for it to continue to help.

Then I had meeting upon meeting this afternoon at work. Which was good, because it made me not worry about the situation with Dr. S. I had a meeting at 1, a meeting at 2, and a meeting at 3. Right in a row! Yes, work kept me occupied today, thank goodness.

Johnny and I had an interesting text message discussion over lunch. That made me happy. I really do like him. He is my boyfriend, after all.

Finally, okay, you know I’m in a driving class, right? Because it’s high time I learned, right?

So class started just this past Monday, okay? And we got a syllabus that both parent and student were supposed to sign and return tonight. You with me so far?

Well, I’m an adult. Seemed silly to me to have a parent sign off on the syllabus – I can take care of myself, you know? Besides, I’d forgotten to have my mother sign it anyway.

So tonight I went up to the instructor, and I asked him, “Since I’m an adult, do I really need to have a parent sign this form?” Hoping I could get away with just my signature on it.

And the instructor was like, “How old are you?”

And I told him.

And he did a double-take, and was like, “You don’t even have to be here! Didn’t you know we have adult classes?”

Uh, no. I thought this course was required of me.

No, this is a young adult course, for teenagers. Not for adults.

So, yeah, I don’t have to go to class anymore, because I’m an adult. I mean, the instructor said it was up to me, whether I wanted to continue going to class. I don’t know – I have until Monday to decide.

I will be able to keep my driving time with my instructor, though, so that way I get the practice and all.

Isn’t that crazy?

Yeah, a crazy day.

Just remember, there’s another one coming tomorrow!

(I don’t really know that for sure. I’m just saying that.)


2 thoughts on “A strange day

    • I’ve been to two of the classes so far, and the instructor doesn’t lecture us like high school students, nor does he talk over our heads. Still, I’m thinking of not going anymore. I’m not sure yet. I will see if I can transfer to the adult class.

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