Good news, everyone!

(And if you say that title in Professor Farnworth’s voice, bonus points to you.)

Last week in the local paper, there was a story about a movement called This Is My Brave. It’s all about sharing personal stories of mental illness.

A couple of women in Iowa City are putting together a show here in IA, and they were taking submissions, both written and video, of people’s stories.

Well, I got in touch with one of the women, as her e-mail address was published in the paper. She gave me all the guidelines I needed. And so I submitted an essay about my life and my history of mental illness, very similar to an earlier post of mine titled “Still Drying.”

And I was among those chosen to audition for the show.

The auditions are this coming Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm in the Coralville library. According to the website, the show will be on Friday, May 15th.

I’m so excited! Aside from the blog and various personal writings, it’s my first big step in sharing my story with the world.

Now, how to tell my mom and sister about the audition?

The only reason I say that is because, 1) I have my guitar lesson on Saturday, and 2) I might be driving by Saturday. Driving class starts tomorrow for me. Either Mom or Older Sister will have to get me to Coralville.

And I haven’t told them I submitted my essay in the first place.

So, what do I tell them….?


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