Tune(s) for Tuesday – another two-fer

Didn’t sleep well last night. Just because.

But I was intermittently thinking of these two songs.

I suppose these two songs would be considered strange bedfellows.

The first is from an Australian artist named Sarah Blasko. I only have one album of hers, her 2004 debut “The Overture and the Underscore,” which this song is from, but I need to get her other albums, because I think she’s amazing. This song is called “Always Worth It.”

The second song is from Fiona Apple’s 2005 album “Extraordinary Machine.” It’s called “O Sailor.” And, quite frankly, nothing more needs to be said. Except that, if Johnny and I ever do go to a karaoke place, I hope they have some Fiona Apple songs, because that’s all I feel like singing right now.

(I have MP3’s of both songs, because I own both albums, but I just didn’t feel like posting them, so. You sort of get videos.)

Like I said, a strange duo.

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted a strange pair of songs. Two years ago, I posted a couple songs which I deemed hopefulness and hopelessness, but then I didn’t specify which was which. Weird, I know.

But the same thing applies here. To a degree. Only maybe not hope and hopeless. Maybe, want and not want. Perhaps. Something like that, anyway.

But, again, which is which?

Anyway. Happy listening. I’ll try to do better the next post.


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