Another day, again

Well, it’s that time of year.

My birthday.

Another year older. Doesn’t feel like it, does it?

This year will be a snowy birthday, because we’re under a winter storm warning. Good. We’ve been missing snow, really.

This year will be a cold birthday, with temps only in the single digits. Brr. I don’t mind. I can always bundle up.

But it’ll be a good day.

I think it’ll be a birthday tradition now, for me to post Binky’s birthday song.

It never gets old.

Here’s a new thing, too. I found the whole cartoon this year. It’s called “Peace and Quiet,” and it’s funny.

Now if only I could find the US Acres ‘in-cre-di-bully stupid swamp monster’ cartoon….

Have a good day, all.


5 thoughts on “Another day, again

    • When I was younger, it was great having my birthday so soon after the holidays; double the presents and the attention! Nowadays, it’s just like ‘yeah, yeah, another day.’ Not saying it’s a chore, but it sort of feels like that. But it was good while it lasted. 😉

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