So I’m online dating, as you know.  (Though that may be coming to an end soon; we shall see.  Not saying any more at present.)

Today, a guy whose screen name is Alpha Dom sent me a message via the dating site.  And he says right there on his profile that he is interested in bdsm relationships.

Oh, just so you know, I have ‘mouse’ as part of my screen name on this website.  And I am not interested in bdsm relationships.  (My apologies.)

His message read as follows:

“If I were to lay some cheese out, I bet I could get a mouse to fall into my trap.”

Ew, right?

Then he added, almost in parentheses, “That pickup line was supposed to be much more clever.”

What’s the phrase?  “Epic fail”?

So I messaged him back that no, the pickup line backfired.  I was effectively creeped out.

He’s right now messaging me back, trying to make amends.

I mean, I’m sure he’s not a bad guy, but….ugh. 

You know?


3 thoughts on “Oooh-kay….

    • Yes, well, it turns out he wasn’t that bad a guy after all. Even though that was the wrong first impression to have made. But I doubt I’ll hear from him again.

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