Friday Rolf Funny

Leave it to my Youngest Brother to know exactly what’ll make me feel better.

A couple days ago, I was feeling a bit down, though not as down as I was in September.

So Youngest Brother posted this video to my Facebook wall, and it made all the difference. I laughed out loud.

I love this particular cartoon of “Ed Edd n Eddy.” It’s called “Hand Me Down Ed,” and it involves a rogue boomerang flying throughout the cul-de-sac. The boomerang will inexplicably change the personality of whoever touches it. For instance, it turns weakling Jimmy into a strongman, it turns rude bully hellion Sarah into a touchy-feely little angel, it turns Ed smart, and it makes Eddy motherly. “And he didn’t even show!”

But this has to be the best bit in the cartoon. Stodgy foreign farm boy Rolf, who always refers to himself in the third person (I think is how you say that?), turns into an opera singer.

Don’t ask.

The only thing missing from this video is the end of the segment. After Eddy pushes him back inside, Double-D opens the door to check on Rolf, and Rolf says “Thank you!” Or, rather, “Tank you!”

The full cartoon is available on Youtube, I believe. Just type in ‘ed edd n eddy hand me down ed.’ It’s about ten and a half minutes long. But who know how long it’ll be on Youtube before it’s pulled. (I may have posted the cartoon here, too, a long time ago.) But like I said, this is the best bit, so I’m posting it today.

Many thanks to Youtube user TheBigRedMario for the video. And many thanks to Youngest Brother for finding it.

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!


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