Who knew? – The dental edition

Monday afternoon, I got a phone call from my dentist’s office, saying they had gotten the pre-op back from my insurance company regarding my crown. One of my back right molars had cracked, and the dentist wanted to fit me for a crown so the crack wouldn’t get worse. Understandable.

They set up an appointment for me yesterday morning, to get it done before the end of the year; that way, my insurance would cover it. Well, most of it, anyway. Long story, won’t go there.

So I got to the dentist’s office yesterday morning, got called right back, and got in the chair. Got numbed, then Novocained. (I hate needles, and I also hate Novocaine – lose-lose.)

The drilling – eh, it was okay. The technician (Rachel, I think was her name) kept having to hold my tongue in place, which was awkward. A couple times, I couldn’t breathe, but I made sure the dentist knew that, and they let me breathe.

So my tooth got drilled and shaped and smoothed to seat the temporary crown. But first the dentist had to take an impression of my teeth, so they would get the permanent crown shaped just right. No big deal. I’ve had impressions done before – the dentist puts a clay-like substance in your mouth to get a ‘picture’ of your teeth, and the clay hardens into an impression of the tooth in question.

Well, it was a big deal when the impression gook went straight down my throat.

The problem was the dentist tried to take both a top and bottom impression at the same time. And that was an awful lot of impression gook. Plus, they still had me lying down when they initially put the impression trays in my mouth.

Law of gravity, you know? Where’d they think it was going to go?

So for about fifteen minutes or so, I was throwing up in the dentist’s office. It was soooo bad! But my body got all the impression gook out that way, which was good. I was so embarrassed, and crying, and apologizing all over the place. They took it in stride, saying all people just have different gag reflexes. Mom told me they’ve probably seen worse than that.

Eventually, they took one impression at a time – top and bottom – and that worked out much better. No gagging, no puking, no nothing. Just five minutes of perfect impressions.

Still, who knew you could throw up at the dentist’s office?


The permanent crown will be seated on December 30th; again, before year end, so insurance will cover (most of) it.

But I have another dentist appointment today! to get a couple old fillings replaced. But I’m not too worried about this appointment; it should go over just fine. Except for the Novocaine. You know, the needle.

(Yes, I have less-than-perfect teeth. Get over it.)


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