I’ve often wondered….

Here they are, your “WTF” thoughts for the day:

~ If time flies, why can’t people? (Dumb, I know, because people do fly in airplanes, but I’ve always wondered.)

~ How could moonlight be serious? (Older Sister got me wondering that; curse you, David Bowie.)

~ Why do people paint graffiti on the sides of train cars? (This was a thought this morning, when Mom and I were out and about, watching a passing train.)

~ How could it be “too big” to be a space station? (This in light of the new “Star Wars” teaser trailer, which didn’t tell me anything! and certainly didn’t make me want to run out to see the movie.)

I know. I have waaaay too much time on my hands.

I just felt like sharing.

We’re off to another hockey game in a little while. Go team!


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