Uncharted waters

So I’ve gone and done the unthinkable.

(Well, if you know me, it’s unthinkable.)

I’ve gone and decided to try….

….online dating.

Yeah. I know. Surprised me, too.

Well, I do know for a fact that it works. Lots of people do it nowadays, and in fact, my uncle met my aunt that way, and they’ve been married about 6 years now.

So. I’m giving it a try.

I’ve conversed with a couple guys so far. Could have gone better, I think. Drat my shyness.

Dr. S thinks this is a good step to take.

Time will tell.

Do know that I will be careful. No fear.

Found via Google search for 'online dating'
Found via Google search for ‘online dating’

3 thoughts on “Uncharted waters

  1. Don’t be afraid. I met My husband online. Just follow one simple rule. You will have to kiss a million frogs to find your prince. And he will be the profile you look at, pass, look at again and think um maybe, pass, look at and say oh what the hell, why not.. I mean you will go through cute frogs, stuck up frogs, nice frogs wimpy frogs, frogs with issues, a couple that half way transform to almost perfect, but still have that frog head. You will go through so much before you find your Prince. but never settle for less than what you want! He is out there… Promise!

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