Digital applause to Keira Knightley

Sending a round of digital applause to Keira Knightley, for her decision to pose topless in protest of Photoshop. (Fair warning: if you click the link, the Picture In Question is RIGHT THERE. Just an FYI.)

I’ve admired Keira Knightley since the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies came out, and have since seen and bought several of her movies. I think she’s phenomenal. She seems like someone who I would love to be friends with; I’ve always felt that way. So for her to speak out like she did….I think it’s something of a triumph for all women, because Miss Knightley is sticking up for all women everywhere.

(This is coming from someone who would probably break Photoshop, by the way. Just sayin’.)

So, congratulations to Keira Knightley.

And *shrug* that’s it.

Sorry this was so brief and uninformative. Just felt like mentioning it all, before I forgot.

I also tried to find a perfect applauding GIF to accompany this post, but that didn’t happen.

I’ll try to do better next post.


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