Friday Halloween Funny

Today’s Funny is one of my favorite Halloween themed cartoon shows ever. It’s called “Witch’s Night Out.” It was made in the late 70’s, and features Gilda Radner as the voice of the Norma Desmond-ish “washed up” witch. Catherine O’Hara is also featured as the voice of Malicious.

Disney Channel used to show this for years back when I was little, and I watched it each and every time it was on, each and every year. (Might date me a little, but I don’t care.) In fact, the year Disney stopped showing this is the year I stopped going trick-or-treating. The magic was gone.

This is available on DVD now, according to And Walmart; only I looked at Walmart and I couldn’t find it. So. I have it on VHS, which’ll have to do right now. Took me years to find it.

It was worth it. Because I love this show.

Many thanks to Youtube user donald haney for the video. Watch it while you can, before it’s pulled.

Enjoy! Happy Friday! And Happy Halloween!


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