Inching out of the shell

So Elvie and I have been tasked with counting mail at work.  Long story.  Suffice to say we must keep track of every single piece of paper that comes through the department for the next month.  Yup, a whole month.

So Elvie suggested we make an Excel spreadsheet to help us keep track of all the mailings.

Good idea.

We switch certain daily tasks each month.  This month (October), it’s Elvie’s turn to do the mail.  However, Diane had us start counting mail just this past Monday.  So that means Elvie will keep track of the mail for two weeks, and then I get to, once November rolls around.

Are you still with me?  Because I am getting to the punchline.

This morning, Diane had some changes to the spreadsheet, and Elvie made the changes, and she wanted me to double-check her work.

“Just to have two sets of eyes,” she said.

I was like, “Can do.”

Then, as an afterthought, I added, “Although in my case, it’s more like four eyes….”

Carmen chuckled.

I made a joke!  Because, you know, people with glasses are often said to have ‘four eyes.’

AR AR AR!  Funny, huh?


My attempt at humor.


I’ll work on it.  But it made me feel good to make someone laugh.


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