So, okay…. (tidbits)

~ Thursday was a total trip and a half. It poured all afternoon on Thursday, starting just as I left work to head to my appointment with Doctor, wouldn’t you know. Oh well. At least I had an umbrella. This time.

~ Doctor upped my dosage of the plain and got me back on the able (after a six-month absence of it). Plus I will be setting up an appointment to meet back with Dr. S in the very near future; get back to talk therapy, as it were.

~ My only gripe about visits with Doctor is, they’re not long enough. I understand he isn’t a therapist and that he’s very busy, but I don’t feel like I can ever really say what I mean in the ten, fifteen minutes that I see him. And most of those ten, fifteen minutes are spent answering the same questions he asks every visit; he also has a spiel about the medications and possible side effects (read, birth defects) that he’s required to give me. It’s just….a little frustrating sometimes. That should change when I go to see Dr. S.

~ Hopefully, things will get better now, and there’ll be no repeat of the month-long depressed streak that ended just this past Tuesday. Hopefully. Because that was really rough, the roughest I’ve felt in a long time. I seriously considered the worst possible thing – that’s how bad I felt during that depressed streak. And I still don’t even know what precipitated it.

~ The new phone is working great. No, I’m not wondering how I ever survived without a smartphone, nor have I said such a thing. But it is pretty darn cool. No question, my favorite app is the Pandora Radio app. Plus, I can finally listen to The Seventh House (my father’s radio show) on Friday nights – Tenacity Radio has an app that allows you to listen live on your phone, and I downloaded it. Sweet! Oh, hey, does anyone know of any good creative writing apps?

~ News on the work front – younger Michelle is leaving. She accepted a supervisory position at another building within the company. She’s going to do just fine at that position. I wish her well.

~ Now the biggest news. Older Sister will be moving back home soon. It’s only a temporary arrangement, for one year. Just long enough to get her back on her feet and all. She will be moving her things over incrementally, as well as her pets. Remember, she has two cats and one dog. Her cat Teag will be moved over to our house tomorrow. Teag and Muirne get along very well, and Nuala will at least tolerate Teag’s presence. But it should be interesting.

~ I meant to do this yesterday for my Friday Funny, but I didn’t. Don’t know why, but I didn’t. So I’m doing it now. Because – and here’s the lead in – in the coming months, this is how we will be spending some Saturday nights. At the local hockey game. Yes, the city I live in has a hockey team. The team is part of the USHL (United States Hockey League). This is a video I took about three years ago, during one of those local hockey games. Prominently featured, at least vocally, are Older Sister (she’s the “Oh my god!” exclaimer) and Younger Brother (he’s the one at the end of the video going “Hear that, Number Eight?”) This is what happens – what always happens – when the opposing team returns to full strength after a penalty:

Yeah, the local fans are not known for good sportsmanship. Not at all.

But we are known for cowbells. The arena is called “The Stable,” after all.

I guess that’s part of the fun.


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